I am. So frustrated. About this issue. I don't know why. Just feel very angry about people's remarks. Let me just state my stand. I am FOR PPSMI. Several arguments from people who are against PPSMI for example, saying that it is unfeasible and there are fundamental issues that should be addressed first. Wow. Big words. I applaud thee.

But then, asyik asyik je kata unfeasible. I ask what is unfeasible about that issue, no answer. Nothing is undo-able. If you argue that output is less than input, just remember why PPSMI is not working. The idea behind PPSMI is workable with effort. But as our lovely DPM said, there are lack of teachers that are capable. But instead of addressing this issue and properly equipping teachers, best way is to abolish PPSMI? And don't get me to start talking about GSTT (guru sandaran tak terlatih). You have all sorts of random people coming in as teachers without training (TAK TERLATIH) and you expect up to par results from students? I have a teacher who is a sidekick from puteri gunung ledang teaching me physics back in form 4. All he does is entertaining more than teaching. What crap is that? Things don't work that way mate. You want better output? Give better teachers. You don't expect getting excellent results if the effort is zero. And don't start BSing about the money that is allocated for education is darn high but no results are shown. Allocating money is one thing, implementing the system properly is another thing.

Abolishing PPSMI is only a step backward because it's not like the ed system will be changed looking at the current political scene where everything under the sun is manipulated. Also, denial because you're not fixing the problem simply abandoning it. Why I say a step backward is because you're reverting back to what was originally done. If you come out with something better than PPSMI, I am all for it. But nothing is being done but just reversion. Thus, isn't it a step backward? And this is no fallacy. So think for yourself.

Fundamental issues like fixing ed system? Definitely. I agree on that. That is why PPSMI is the first step towards a change. Do you expect the MOE to immediately change the whole system just like that? They've been talking about changing the system for donkey years. Always saying don't want so exam oriented and stuff. Please, talks are just talks so far. Things will only change if everything is free from personal and political agenda. For now, I don't see a matter why PPSMI should be discontinued and "fix the fundamental issues first" and don't start saying if "basic also cannot. blablabbla" because it's invalid. There must be steps taken for such big issues. And if you say it's not with PPSMI, then come out with something new. Not just reversion.

EXPANDING DISPARITY is also another argument. I know where you're coming from. Rural vs urban. So, if a student cannot progress together, everyone has to be stationary with that person. Everyone deserves the chance to advance. Doesn't mean if I can't move forward that makes others stuck with me. Should urban people "suffer" together with the rural if they "cannot keep up"? I cannot blame someone who is better than me because he/she is capable. What I can do is push further by seeking proper assistance. We can only advance (PROGRESSIVELY, may I emphasize this) if there is competition. Disagree? Then enlightened me. And don't you forget, people living in the urban now are from rural areas previously. What gives them the breakthrough? Change. Of mindset and willpower.

Upholding the Malay language as a lingua franca is also another argument. I am a true Malaysian and I believe that every Malaysian SHOULD KNOW how to speak Malay regardless of race. That's why we learn BM since young. That's why we learn Sejarah in BM. No issues with that. But PPSMI is the conduct of the class - learning and teaching in English. Everything in higher ed is conducted in English. You see what I mean? I don't think PPSMI is primarily for learning English, but rather making the class easier to grasp concepts and ideas as everything is taught in English later. You also converse in English internationally, or research is conducted in English. You see how important is English in Maths and Science.

THEN, we have those people who argue that those countries that use their mother tongue proof to perform better than those using English, FOR EXAMPLE, our dear Japan. Or Shanghai-China, Finland, Korea amongst the other famous countries. MIND YOU, my friend, most of these countries have one common mother tongue that EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN speaks. One common language, yes, we do have a common language, and is our national language which is Malay, but tell me really, how many Malaysians are proficient in speaking Malay, even for the Malay themselves? The root problem for this common language problem is indeed, our education system, and this issue MUST be addressed too. Coming back to the "Japan/Korea/Shanghai-China can advance even without English" just remember, they are far more advanced than Malaysia and have a longggggggggg history as a country, a longer civilization even. IF YOU WANNA COMPARE, just wait till Malaysia achieves such equal status, then I will keep my mouth shut, if not, you should. Don't compare apples with oranges.

Another kind of people who are against PPSMI are those who fail to understand the importance of PPSMI. They only see that they (or their children etc) are unable to do well with PPSMI and thus blame the system. I, however, think it's all about arrogance and narrow-mindedness. Have they really looked into why people have failed during the implementation of PPSMI? Could it be stubbornness because they are unwilling to change? Change is needed, especially in science. If everything is constant, then there's no science today.

Don't gamble the future of my siblings and the future generation. Honestly, you can see who are the ones for and against PPSMI. I can tell you honestly, that people from the urban will NOT lose out, but obviously those living in the rural area would. And you probably know what I mean.

I end with a note I wrote earlier this year,

Memang kita sedar, kita perlu memartabatkan bahasa kebangsaan kita. Namun, sebagai rakyat kita prihatin tentang masa depan adik-adik / anak-anak kita yang akan menghadapi pelbagai cabaran yang boleh diatasi (ataupun dikurangkan) sekiranya menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris sebagai medium pengajaran dan pembelajaran. Sekiranya anda pernah merujuk kepada sebarang kosa kata yang terdapat dalam buku rujukan, anda akan mendapati bahawa informasi yang disediakan adalah sangat cetek. Contohnya dalam buku teks Matematik, 'locus' dalam Bahasa Inggeris yang diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Melayu ialah 'lokus'. Saya tidak tahu tentang betapa banyak kos yang telah dibelanjakan untuk menterjemahkan perkataan-perkataan saintifik dalam bahasa Inggeris kepada bahasa Melayu namun, apa yang saya lihat adalah kebanyakan penterjemahan yang telah dilakukan hanyalah seperti dari segi ejaan sahaja. Sekiranya PPSMI terus dijalankan, kita tidak perlu membelanjakan wang lagi bagi menterjemah dan membuat kajian dari asasnya kerana kita boleh mengikuti dan meneruskan kajian daripada perkembangan negara-negara lain. Mengapakah masa dan wang telah dibazirkan semata-mata kita hendak memartabatkan bahasa Melayu dalam Sains dan Matematik sahaja? Terdapat pelbagai langkah yang telah diambil untuk memartabatkan bahasa. Saya memang setuju bahawa penggunaan bahasa Melayu bukan penyebab utama kegagalan sesetengah pihak untuk menggunakan bahasa Inggeris kerana dalam konteks PPSMI, program ini merujuk kepada P&P dalam subjek Sains dan Matematik dan bukannya Bahasa Malaysia ataupun Bahasa Inggeris. Apa yang dipersoalkan ialah keberkesanan dan kelebihan penggunaan Bahasa Melayu ataupun Inggeris bagi memajukan negara dan bukannya tentang penggunaan bahasa Melayu/Inggeris dalam kehidupan seharian. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya memang setuju dan menyokong tentang kepentingan untuk berbahasa dalam bahasa kebangsaan kita. Namun, kita tidak dapat menafikan kepentingan bahasa Inggeris dalam peringkat global dan kita juga tidak harus menggadaikan masa depan generasi orang muda kini semata-mata untuk menjaga air muka kita sendiri. 

Embracing the national language is a must for every Malaysian, but I am in support of PPSMI as a first step for ed change, and if not PPSMI, a better policy that will enable changes. In mindset, willpower, and lifestyle.