Bukit Gambang Water Park, Kuantan

Life is fun. Without any worries. Just family and friends and awesome time together :)


So, I went to Bukit Gambang Water Park in Kuantan last month, 20th August to be exact just because I won tickets and it's expiring on September. Was still having holidays then, so it was a good time to go. :D Alvin drove us all the way there and back, spending about 5 hours in the car for the whole trip altogether. :(

The weather was pretty crazy. About 30 minutes before we arrived, it was super cloudy and raining heavily, and we were like panicking in our hearts. I think all of us prayed really hard in our hearts although no one said anything because we were on the verge of being emo already seeing the gloomy skies. Then, there was hope because when we stepped down of our cars it was drizzling. Lo and behold, yay! 15 minutes later it stopped raining altogether. Yesssss.

We had a mad good time together. Not forgetting we had the place all to ourselves because we booked the place. Muahahaha! Don't believe? See picture lah..

See? No one in the background.

Seriously, we had the place all to ourselves in the first 1 hour or so because there was so little people that we didn't have to queue up at all to get our rides. Woohoooooooooooo. Probably it was because of the puasa month. But yeah. The place is also clean and their toilets too. There wasn't like a whole lot of rides. There was a six-lane racer which gave me the creeps, and also 3 other slides with different speed and shades, and also a family ride together. So that makes 5 rides. Sufficient enough though. 

It was a good experience :D Price is also reasonable. Food not too bad, but portion was just ok or a little small. Overall it was a good trip!

Just a reminder though..

Never try to stand underneath this evil piranha if you're not balanced enough. :( Do not be deceived by Philip although this was such a cool shot! I stood underneath it once, and fell down straight on my knees when the water came splashing over meeee. I totally cannot hold my body and the water was so strong I felt like I was being pushed down, LITERALLY! Thus, bruises on my knees and it bleed a little. So, I got a new scar on my knees after a few years. MEH. But I still went on to try to get a nice shot like this...but unfortunately, I  stood at the wrong position etc etc. Sobs.

Well, I'm looking forward to my next holiday and vacation and outing, which is really soon. Though my actual holiday won't arrive anytime sooner. Meh. Enjoy life! :)

Food: Steamboat Buffet at Steamboat Palace, Sri Petaling

Mum read about a blog review about this place not too long ago, and we went out to try about 2 weeks ago. It was hard to find the place coz mum got overconfident, she didn't do research on how to go and she got the address wrong. The place is actually very near to Seri Saujana school. -.-'' Anyway lesson: Do your homework before doing any kind of adventures.

Lol. Apparently the aunty in the picture kept staring at our table. *rolls eyes* Malaysians gotta stop this "stop and stare" practice when they see something/someone "unsual". Ish. 
*update: ok, it's not this aunty. LOOOL. another aunty. haahhaa

Anyway, by the time we reach, it was about 7, I think. Crowd was okay, probably around 3-4 tables occupied. As soon as we stepped in, the workers there served us and were very nice people. Really enjoy going to places with good services.

Prawns and scallops. Yummeh.

What's this called again? Let's just call it "bamboo lala" XD

One nice thing about this place is, there's a barbecue area and you can practically ask the workers to barbecue anything for you. The workers will also approach you to ask you how many chicken wings you want.

This is. MAD NICE. T_T This BBQ chicken is like heaven. It's soft and juicy, not like some chickens which can turn out to be hard and what-not. Super tasty! But the downside of this is..it's limited :( When I wanted to ask for a second helping an hour later (coz I was done eating everything else) they told me finish dy. Sobs. So, if you wanna eat this, go earlier!

Fried stuff! I don't know how they count this or if it's included but it's also very yummy. The worker asked us how many we want as soon as we're seated. So, yeah. Don't know issit counted or not. EVERYTHING IS SO YUMMY HERE. 

Yesh. BBQ prawns. Lalala

What this again? Scallop with some sauce. NICEEE. XDD 

BBQ crabs. Did I mention the crabs were really fresh? So juicy and meaty and yummy. Sorry man, just ran out of words on how to describe how yummy the foods are.

Homemade mushroom balls. This is good for shroom lovers. But bad for those who hate them. The taste it quite..mushroomy. Maybe a bit unusual, but overall it's okay for me. :P

I know it looks like some silky work but it's not. It's actually the "bamboo lala" XDD. BBQ-ed, again :P With cheese!!! O: YUMMEH.

Well, choices are your normal ones lah. All kinds of balls and shrooms. Fishes and what-not. Usually, my family don't eat any kind of balls when eating steamboat outside. To make our trip worth, we always opt for prawns and crabs and those shell-ed creatures. Heh heh heh.

Yes, besides BBQ-ing. We also asked the workers to steam crab for us :] Wee. Steaming crabs only enhances how juicy the crabs are, the original sweetness. Drooling while thinking about this :(

There's also icecreams for desserts. I liked the yam. :]

Overall, it was a worthwhile trip to try out the place. Good food. Reasonable price for the things we had. And it's also quite near. Not forgetting their very good service. They workers were really friendly and they were efficient. Won't hesitate to come again next time :P

Address: No 28, Jalan 14/149L, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Contagion Full Movie Review

Yahooooooo. So, I know Contagion is screening in cinemas already starting from today and guess what peeps? I watched it earlier than most people. Buahahhahahahahahahahhahaa. *evil laughter continues* Yesh, I got invites to watch it all thanks to Nuffnang :DD Been awhile since I joined any screenings because I was being selective before entering. I didn't know about the movie until I saw Nuffnang posting saying that they have tickets to giveaway for preview screening and I saw the cast list: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Jude Law. Hoomg?! Jude Law and Matt Damon in the same movie? Awesome much :P

Let's talk about the movie now! WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD. There would be some part that I may have forgotten or not very detailed. Forgive me. This is my first time reviewing a movie anyway? :P

K. Basically, you should already know the synopsis of the movie. What?? You mean you don't know? O; Okayyy.. Some intro about the movies first tho. This film is a thriller, I won't say it's horror. There are many casts in this movie mainly because of the storyline. There isn't really any leading or supporting character because most of their onscreen-time is very short. The movie is mainly about an outbreak of a deadly disease and an international team of professionals are trying to deal with this.

So, the movie starts off with "Day 2", you would be wondering why. You'll only know at the end of the movie. Day 2 shows Gwyneth Paltrow as Beth Emhoff in an airport, supposedly "jet-lagged" and was coughing while she was on the phone, waiting for the next flight. After that, the movie continues showing several people who were sick - drowsy, sweating a lot, coughing - in several parts of the world.

Beth Emhoff's son was seen to be ill in the clinic when Mitch Emhoff (Matt Damon) picked them up. Next thing you know, Beth Emhoff was having seizure in her kitchen while Emhoff was talking to her. Well, as you would have known from the trailer, Beth says byebye to the world. Beth continue to make several appearance in the movie through flashbacks. Soon after Beth's death, her son, Clark, followed suit next. It was made known that something was very wrong with Beth and after much investigations turns out, not surprisingly, that Beth is Patient Zero.

The movie continues to introduce more characters, with Alan Krumwiede (Jude Law) coming into the picture as a controversial blogger-journalist who found the video of a man dying in a bus. He gotten many hits in his blog by producing Vlogs and such ,saying he found the cure to the disease and criticized the government and the other organisations for working hands in glove for not revealing the cure because of financial gains. 

Emhoff was quarantined so that investigations can be done and also to check whether he has gotten the infection. Turns out, he wasn't and he was Emhoff's daughter came into the picture and in several parts of the movie, Emhoff was very conscious about the environment and did his best to keep his daughter safe.

Kate Winslet plays Dr. Erin Mears, who was probably my favourite character in the movie. She was under Dr. Ellis (see below) and was sent to get more information. If I didn't mistaken, she was an expert in epidemic viruses. She was very hardworking and often neglected herself. She played a very noble character. Even till the end, when she knew she was infected, she still did whatever she could, to get the list of the possible people who would have been infected by her. Eventually, :( she died. T________T Saddest part of the movie. And before she died, she was struggling to fight to live on, but she gave her jacket to the one beside her who was complaining that he was very cold.

Laurence Fishburne plays Dr. Ellis Cheever, which plays a prominent role in this movie too. I think his onscreen-time was probably the longest out of all the casts, but I may be wrong :P He was very caring towards Dr. Erin who was in his team of CDC (Centres for Disease for Control and Prevention). His team was finding cures and was facing a lot of pressure. Dr. Cheever displayed a selfish behavior when he asked his soon-to-be wife to run away before everyone else get the chance. Very unprofessional for his job. But towards the end, Dr. Cheever gave away his vaccine to Roger's son.

Marion Cotillard is Dr. Leonora Orantes who is also in the medic team and was working with Chin Han. Chin Han planned a kidnap and demanded for cure and treatments as random. The deal was made but when Dr. Leonara found out that Chin Han had gotten the fake vaccines, Dr. Leonara was seen to rush off from the airport.

Hero, or rather heroine of the movie goes is Ally Hextall (Jennifer Ehle). She tested vaccines on monkeys and when she found out that one monkey was not sick, she tested the vaccine on herself although it was against all the protocols.  

There are many more characters in this movie but the one I mentioned are the ones that plays a significant role than all the rest. While the world was being panicked, Dr. Ellis and his team was working hard to find cure. Alan was coming up with more controversies. Emhoff had no time to mourn but fighting to protect his daughter from the disease. The movies shows a progression mainly about the disease, how it spread and affected millions of life. But there was a rather happy ending since there was a cure. Movie ends with "Day 1", showing how exactly Beth got the terrible disease. Pig and bats. Hahaha.

I know many have found this movie to be boring. But this movie shows very realistic responses in life. When people gets desperate, they would do things that are not right, even if it seemed right at that time. I believe there are many lessons to learn. I know people don't wanna watch this kinda movie and classified this as "documentary". But hey, wait till you face it. It's as true as it gets. 

I rate this movie, 7/10. Maybe I tend to be a bit biased coz I like Matt Damon, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. Lalala. But then again, their onscreen-time is so little. Don't agree with me? Then watch for yourself then judge. :] 

Start of Sem 2

I'm halfway through my first week of the sem. Trying to get used to it. It's already week 2 of the sem actually, since it was holiday last week. This only means that.. I'm 2 weeks away from my first quiz. HOMG. :( Time flies. September dy! Oh gosh. I will not be updating as often anymore. But, we'll see. :D Do check around once in a while, who knows I may have something interesting to share with you. Till then :P

Oh My Oreos!

Hi peeps, you wouldn't believe this. Cause I can't either. For those who haven't know, I actually won a year supply of Oreos from Nuffnang and ChurpChurp! How? Just by participating a contest that they ran on Facebook. And yes, ONE YEAR supplies of Oreos! They actually gave me TEN BOXES.

Yes, I went and collected them with my mum. But because my mum had to wait downstairs due to the parking and stuffs, I went to collect alone :( But but, the Nuffnang peeps were nice :D They helped me to carry down half of them. Sobs, thank you very much! :]

Silly me, I forgot to take a picture with the oreos. I actually took one picture at the Nuffnang office, I hope they will upload it :) Yea, so I got two boxes for each flavour - original, chocolate, double delight (which is chocolate and peanut butter), ice cream (blueberry) and also double stuff (double the cream :P)

Actually, I didn't know Oreos had sooo many other flavours O: And so far I've tried the ice cream flavour.  It's kinda like minty O_O Didn't really liked it. :/ XD Still prefer the original conventional one. :P Anyhows, I've given away 7 boxes already. :] So, I'm left with about 3 boxes. Can make so many things with Oreos. Cakes, desserts, eat it like that. Huahua.

Lastly, I just want to thank Nuffnang/ChurpChurp for the Oreos! :D I still can't believe I won. Blessings, pure blessings. Thus, bless others too. =]


So, with the help of sponsors from both my sisters I was able to buy the 55-200mm lens from U. William for quite a bargain. :P Was trying some test shots in bazaar Ramadhan.

Overall, it's a good lens especially for portrait. But I'm still struggling to use it at short range because I'm used to that. With this lens, I have to stand a far otherwise the lens can't focus. And I realized I can't do food photography with this lens. Gotta use back kit lens, would be better. Hmm. Nice feeling to be able to zoom far with this lens though. Gotta learn more!! :D Till next time.