Oh My Oreos!

Hi peeps, you wouldn't believe this. Cause I can't either. For those who haven't know, I actually won a year supply of Oreos from Nuffnang and ChurpChurp! How? Just by participating a contest that they ran on Facebook. And yes, ONE YEAR supplies of Oreos! They actually gave me TEN BOXES.

Yes, I went and collected them with my mum. But because my mum had to wait downstairs due to the parking and stuffs, I went to collect alone :( But but, the Nuffnang peeps were nice :D They helped me to carry down half of them. Sobs, thank you very much! :]

Silly me, I forgot to take a picture with the oreos. I actually took one picture at the Nuffnang office, I hope they will upload it :) Yea, so I got two boxes for each flavour - original, chocolate, double delight (which is chocolate and peanut butter), ice cream (blueberry) and also double stuff (double the cream :P)

Actually, I didn't know Oreos had sooo many other flavours O: And so far I've tried the ice cream flavour.  It's kinda like minty O_O Didn't really liked it. :/ XD Still prefer the original conventional one. :P Anyhows, I've given away 7 boxes already. :] So, I'm left with about 3 boxes. Can make so many things with Oreos. Cakes, desserts, eat it like that. Huahua.

Lastly, I just want to thank Nuffnang/ChurpChurp for the Oreos! :D I still can't believe I won. Blessings, pure blessings. Thus, bless others too. =]


  1. OMG! what contest u participated. don't chocked while eating ur oreos HAHAHA

  2. its like design a tshirt with their app. :) LOL i wont. coz i didnt eat alot yet x)