Life is fun. Without any worries. Just family and friends and awesome time together :)


So, I went to Bukit Gambang Water Park in Kuantan last month, 20th August to be exact just because I won tickets and it's expiring in September. Was still having holidays then, so it was a good time to go. :D Alvin drove us all the way there and back, spending about 5 hours in the car for the whole trip altogether. :(

The weather was pretty crazy. About 30 minutes before we arrived, it was super cloudy and raining heavily, and we were panicking in our hearts. I think all of us prayed really hard in our hearts although no one said anything because we were on the verge of being emo already seeing the gloomy skies. Then, there was hope because when we stepped out of our cars it was drizzling. Lo and behold, yay! 15 minutes later it stopped raining altogether. Yesssss.

We had a mad good time together. Not forgetting we had the place all to ourselves because we booked the place. Muahahaha! Don't believe it? See picture lah..

See? No one in the background.

Seriously, we had the place all to ourselves in the first 1 hour or so because there were so little people that we didn't have to queue up at all to get our rides. Woohoooooooooooo. Probably it was because of the puasa month. But yeah. The place is also clean and their toilets too. There weren't a whole lot of rides. There was a six-lane racer which gave me the creeps, and also 3 other slides with different speeds and shades, and also a family ride together. So that makes 5 rides. Sufficient enough though. 

It was a good experience :D The price is also reasonable. The food was not too bad, but the portion was just ok or a little small. Overall it was a good trip!

Just a reminder though..

Never try to stand underneath this evil piranha if you're not balanced enough. :( Do not be deceived by Philip although this was such a cool shot! I stood underneath it once and fell down straight on my knees when the water came splashing over meeee. I totally could not hold my body and the water was so strong I felt like I was being pushed down, LITERALLY! Thus, bruises on my knees and they bleed a little. So, I got a new scar on my knees after a few years. MEH. But I still went on to try to get a nice shot like this...but unfortunately, I  stood at the wrong position etc etc. Sobs.

Well, I'm looking forward to my next holiday and vacation and outing, which is really soon. Though my actual holiday won't arrive anytime sooner. Meh. Enjoy life! :)