Magical Musical at Sunway Amphitheatre

I got the chance to watch Magical Musical with my family and friends on last Monday much thanks to for all the free tickets that I won from them :DD Earlier before this, I actually got a pair of tickets to watch the musical but I didn't make it for the musical because I had to go for (the crappy) college leadership camp on the screening date, so instead gave the tikets to my sister. The tickets was non-transferable but, I figured a way. Heh.

The verdict was, my sister said it was very very nice and thanked me for the tickets. (My sister thanking me? WOW. XD) So, I'm rather convinced by my sister's sikap cerewet, and concluded that the musical should be nice and I HAD TO win some tickets. Eventually, I won 4 pairs xD! So yeah, awesomeness, thank God for favour (:

Traffic to Sunway was rather good actually, no very massive traffic jam in particular. This time, the Sunway entrance was rather quiet. No booth set ups or what not. Just saw a gang of people lepaking outside there.

The route to the amphitheatre was rather a long journey, but I got a nice overview of the whole Sunway Lagoon area! Betcha didn't have that overview before? :P

We reached kinda on time, and the show started off. There wasn't much people around maybe less than hundred of us I assume? Anyway, our seats was supposed to be the one worth RM200 but instead all of us moved nearer and got the VIP seats. Hehehe. Just sharing some pictures for some stories later. Hehe.

For this song, I forgot what, it's about finding a hero if I didn't mistaken. Haha, the backup dancers were really funny. Those guys were like doing moves to show off their abs and body. Totally made me LOL. xD

Disco ball moment :3

Judging by the outfit, you'll probably could have guessed that they sang to Jai-Ho for this performance. Hehe, it was one of the most memorable and energetic performance of the night for me. :D They had some guys around them drinking kerosene (?), and blowing fire out of their throat xD. I don't know how to say it, well you get me don't you?

"Band members" for the Jai-Ho song. Added extra oommph. They were really happy and energetic people :) Love their energy and attitude. After this, had a break time x)

One of my favourite shots for the night :3

My favourite picture for the night :D

Taadaaa! Finish! Actually, there's more to take but because they didn't really allow photography one of the people there stopped me after I took this picture ._. So yeah, I stopped taking any photos after that.

So, the musical was good actually but something happened that night O: One of the main singers injured her head from the first or second song, and was bleeding so she was not performing anymore for the night. The musical went out, but without any storyline (originally, there was a storyline like a romantic story between 3 couples).

Yea, so we missed the story :( And because she was also solo-ing some songs, they cut her part. So yeah, it's kinda sad though we sort of didn't really get to watch the actual thing which is the drama plus the singings and dances. The show just went on with singings and singings no drama. Aww, really wished I could catch the drama. Anyway, still enjoyed it. Hope the others who went and watch also enjoyed themselves to the fullest (:

Sam Tsui ft. Christina Grimmie Just A Dream Lyrics.

(Sam Tsui) 
I was thinkin' 'bout you, thinkin' 'bout me. 
Thinkin' 'bout us, what we gonn' be? 
Open my eyes; it was only just a dream. 

(Christina Grimmie) 
I travel back, down that road. 
Will you come back? (Ooooo) No one knows. 
I realize, it was only just a dream. 

(Sam Tsui) 
I was at the top and I was like I'm in the basement. 
Number one spot, and now you found your own replacement. 
I swear now that I can't take it, knowing somebody's got my baby. 
And now you ain't around, baby I can't think. 
I should'a put it down, should'a got that ring. 
'Cuz I can still feel it in the air. 
See your pretty face, run my fingers through your hair. 

My lover, my life. My baby, my wife. 
You left me, I'm tied. 
'Cuz I know that it just ain't right. 

I was thinkin about you, thinkin about me. 
Thinkin about us, what we gonn' be? 
Open my eyes; it was only just a dream. 
So I travel back, down that road. 
Will you come back? No one knows. 
I realize, it was only just a dream. 

(Christina Grimmie) 
When I'm ridin', I swear I see your face at every turn. 
I'm tryin' to get my usher on, but I can let it burn. 
And I just hope you'll know you're the only one I yearn, for. 
No wonder I'll be missing when I'll learn? 

Didn't give it all my love, I guess now I got my payback. 
Now I'm in the club thinkin' all about you baby. 
Hey, you were so easy to love. But wait, I guess our love wasn't enough. 

I'm goin' through it every time that I'm alone. 
And now I'm wishin that you'd pick up the phone. 
But you made a decision that you wanted to move on. 
Cause I was wrong... 

And I was thinkin' 'bout you (thinkin' 'bout you), thinkin' 'bout me (thinkin' 'bout me)
Thinkin' 'bout us (thinkin' 'bout us), what we gonn' be? (what we gonn' be?) 
Open my eyes (open my eyes); it was only just a dream. 
So I travel back (travel back), down that road (down that road)
Will you come back? (will you come back?) No one knows (no one knows)
I realize (I realize), it was only just a dream. 

If you ever loved somebody put your hands up. 
If you ever loved somebody put your hands up. 
And now they're gone and you wish you could give them everything. 
Ohhh, if you ever loved somebody put your hands up. 
(if you ever loved somebody put your hands up.) If you ever loved somebody put your hands up. 
(if you ever loved somebody put your hands up.) And now they're gone and you wish you could give them everything. 

I was thinkin' 'bout you, thinkin' 'bout me. 
Thinkin' 'bout us, what we gonna be? 
Open my eyes (open my eyes); it was only just a dream (it's just a dream). 
I travel back (travel back) (I travel back), down that road (down the road)(down the road)
Will you come back? No one knows (no one knows). 
I realize, it was only just a dream (No, no, no...). 

And I was thinkin about you, thinkin about me. 
Thinkin about us, what we gonna be? 
Open my eyes (open my eyes) (open my eyes); it was only just a dream (it's just a.. it's just a dream)
So I travel back, down that road. 
Will you come back? No one knows. 
I realize (I realize), it was only just a dream 
(baby, it was only just... it was only just a dream) 

Nooo... Ohhh... 
It was only just a dream.


Fireworks displayed at Stadium Bola Sepak Cheras, which I took from my house. XD

McDonald's Limited Edition Glass Coca Cola Cans

If you haven't known yet, I actually am an avid collector of coca cola cans. So far with almost more than 25 cans with different designs from a few parts of the world. Definitely, this glass coca cola cans is a must have!

I got it not too long ago after almost one month of waiting to collect it from McDonald's. Got it from the McDonald's Malaysia facebook page for free! Much thanks to Dawa (link) for helping me to get it. :D

It's a great effort from McDonald's to reward and utilize facebook, however bad management of this program I must say. Reason why is because winners were given a limited period of time to collect their coke cans, but some (if not a lot of outlets), ran out of the cans and they have to make several trips to the specific pick-up point that they have chosen. McDonald's should have just allocated the coke cans and it should be put aside as booking for the winners, so that regardless of whatever situation, winners still can come and collect it within the time allocated.

For my case, I made my first trip to McDonald's Taman Connaught, which was my pick-up point. Little did I know that it was closed down for renovation, and there was no notification. So it was a waste-time, useless trip. Made several complaints to McDonald's because the outlet was closed for a week, which means the pick-up allocation period is over when it re-opens.

After like a few days, only they entertained me, and sent a notification to collect it within a new period of time. I went again, they told me no stock! Second time I went, another meaningless trip. The manager told me to collect it next week. So, I am determined to be vigilant, finally got it from them after I saw a few people posting that they collected already. I immediately called up the store and confirmed if they have stock and quickly rush there (incase anything happens again you know :3) So yea, no one informed anything, this was a few days later from my second visit, not a week. So, just wondering, if I come by a little later by a few days, I bet they would say they got no stock and that the period of collection was over.

Anyhow, just saying. :P I'm happy. Heh.

Green Lantern Premiums

Hur hur hur. Lol. 

I like Nippon Paint because I'm crazy about colours!

You know how people say a picture paint a thousand words? But if the picture is plain boring black and white, you won't pay much attention to it isn't it? That's why Picasso is such a famous artist because he used so much colours in his painting!

Pablo Picasso, Girl Before a Mirror. Oil on canvas, 1932. Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Source : (link)

That's why most of us enjoy nature views because there's so much beauty in colours. I'm totally crazy about colours. But, living in an urban area means I don't really have much nature view here. I'm stuck inside my house most of the time when I'm not out.

And, I'm so tired of staring at my boring purple wall in my room now. After almost 6 years I'm stuck with this pathetic purple purposeless (hey, a tongue twister!) wall, I really want to have a make over for my room.

Well, it's a good timing now that Nippon Paint is offering 3 lucky Nuffnangers to make over their room. Argh! Pick me pick me!  

I'm smiling here. Pick meeeeee! See my dull pathetic purple purposeless wall behind there? Certainly need a make over! I want a make over on the walls there :(

I like Nippon Paint because it's 

N - Nice and trendy. Nippon Paint has got a ColourTrend feature in their website which offers you a series of colours that are "hot" selections. Bet you only thought trends only applies for fashion (or twitter?). Go check it out, ColourTrend 2011 by Nippon Paint! (link)

I - Incomplete. How can a house be complete without Nippon?! You can have fancy decorations and furnitures but with a empty blank wall, you'll never learn to love your home enough. Nippon offers not only beautiful colours for the paints, but also great services. All walls should be painted with Nippon Paint if possible :P

P - Priceless. A beautiful home filled with colours surely brings lotsa good memories with our family. There's nothing more valuable than having good memories with your loved ones. Quoting a line from Jessie J's Price Tag - "Money can't buy us happiness". But we can buy Nippon Paint to be happy! :P

P - Professional & perfect! There is lotsa colours to choose from Nippon Paint, what's even better is that Nippon Paint offers professional painting tips and also great services! Check it out here (link) And Nippon Paint is famous for the Green technology. I mean everyone's going green alright? Green is the new black, not blue but still cool :P

O - Optimistic. Well, facing colourful walls certainly brightens up my day :D Who likes staring at dull walls? Except for those who are day dreaming all the time of course XD, and please, don't tell me you do. That's a terrible lie O:

N - Neat! I believe the Nippon Paint will continue to enhance the dynamics of my room. This encourages me to keep my room clean and sleek. No more messy room!

With Nippon Paint, I think I can do wonders towards the pathetic purple purposeless wall. For example, now my room's wall can turn into a tv test page.

Okay, yea I know. Terrible idea -_-''

How about having Nippon Paint Blobbies all over the wall?

Yea, yea, yea. I know, another terrible idea. =.='' Wait, you're saying it's terrible cause you don't know what's a Nippon Paint Blobby?? Seriously then, you gotta watch this video :P

Yeap, those cute thingy on the wall just now are the Nippon Paint Blobbies! Awesome things they are isn't it? Well, they are not just awesome but also cool! Why? Because they even have a Facebook page: :P Nowadays, whoever that has a Facebook page is cool. Heh. 

Anyway, I really want a make over for my room, but I don't have the creativity to make my room more condusive for me. Hopefully, I can win a makeover from Nippon Paint and get their professional advice on this. Fingers crossed!!! If I don't, maybe I'll resort to aerosol sprays =(.

In the mean time, you can also drop some comments on what you think is your ideal room :P Maybe I could get some inspiration from you guys *winks

Updates #12

For the past two days, I feel like I'm in an oven being toasted into a delicious roast pork. I wonder how I  really taste like. In days like these, I wish I was freezing my butt off in Korea. Hey! It's been almost 5 months already T_T Man, how I miss the food thereeee..

Finally, the quizzes are over hoorahh! Actually, I'm quite happy with what I got, in comparison with the average marks, I think I got slightly above average. That's something to be happy about. But on the other hand, I realized that the challenge is always being better than myself. At the end of the day, it's me that I'm trying to be better than, cause eventually there's always someone else who is better than me. Okay, I know it's kinda confusing with all these me, you, she, he thing. Who says pronouns was easy again?

 But there's more to come. Mid terms alright, I feel like I'm gearing up yeah, getting the momentum to really ace it all. Cheh wah, bajet statement. I really hope I can get a few HDs if it's possible. Looking at it, I have the chance if I work really really hard for the next say, 7 weeks? 

Well, here's something to thank God for the past 2 months in college. Thank God for bringing friends in college. Yeah, shuddap, I know I'm like some crappy fella with no friends, a loner, sometimes but hey, I managed to make a couple of friends. Not too bad? O_O I actually want to know what people think about me before they know me, it'll be something interesting to know ain't it?

Moving on, next, thank God for helping me in my assignment. And also thank God for my mum. My first group assignment in college has been giving me hard time for the past one week. The dateline is short, I mean for first timer, it's short because we don't have time to be blur, but start doing your work. I HATE last minute works actually, especially things that involve MARKS. 

Yes, I want to say this, probably some of you already know about it. I was ranting and being very very upset with my group members. And I can't choose my group members in the first place T.T The reason why I'm so upset? I think they're not taking this seriously and they're not contributing. Some gave their work without putting any effort, some did not put any initiative, some was being themselves working last minute. Because there was no leader, and I was being paranoid being no work was being done, I voluntarily start allocating who does what and giving out datelines. Sadly, no one comply to them.

Yes, I am very upset because things are not going on as I want it to be. And yes, I am taking things personal cause it's a group work, which involves me XD! Anyway, the outcome was that, whoever does their part, I really do appreciate. And to those who never, please stay away from me. LOL. The assignment was done on night before the dateline. I took matters into my own hands, I did some cover ups for certain people in the group. And I really couldn't have finished without the help of my sister, my mum (who fetched me everywhere to find sources) and also credit to one of my group member who made me feel better I wasn't doing the assignment ALONE. Anyway, I just pray for favour from the lecturer when he marks it alright.

Yep, I'm done ranting :)
Cyas. & Kthxbai :P