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Magical Musical at Sunway Amphitheatre

I got the chance to watch Magical Musical with my family and friends on last Monday much thanks to for all the free tickets that I won from them :DD Earlier before this, I actually got a pair of tickets to watch the musical but I didn't make it for the musical because I had to go for (the crappy) college leadership camp on the screening date, so instead gave the tikets to my sister. The tickets was non-transferable but, I figured a way. Heh.

The verdict was, my sister said it was very very nice and thanked me for the tickets. (My sister thanking me? WOW. XD) So, I'm rather convinced by my sister's sikap cerewet, and concluded that the musical should be nice and I HAD TO win some tickets. Eventually, I won 4 pairs xD! So yeah, awesomeness, thank God for favour (:

Traffic to Sunway was rather good actually, no very massive traffic jam in particular. This time, the Sunway entrance was rather quiet. No booth set ups or what not. Just saw a gang of people lepa…

Sam Tsui ft. Christina Grimmie Just A Dream Lyrics.

(Sam Tsui) 
I was thinkin' 'bout you, thinkin' 'bout me. 
Thinkin' 'bout us, what we gonn' be? 
Open my eyes; it was only just a dream. 

(Christina Grimmie) 
I travel back, down that road. 
Will you come back? (Ooooo) No one knows. 
I realize, it was only just a dream. 

(Sam Tsui) 
I was at the top and I was like I'm in the basement. 
Number one spot, and now you found your own replacement. 
I swear now that I can't take it, knowing somebody's got my baby. 
And now you ain't around, baby I can't think. 
I should'a put it down, should'a got that ring. 
'Cuz I can still feel it in the air. 
See your pretty face, run my fingers through your hair. 

My lover, my life. My baby, my wife. 
You left me, I'm tied. 
'Cuz I know that it just ain't right. 

I was thinkin about you, thinkin about me. 
Thinkin about us, what we gonn' be? 
Open my eyes; it was only just a dream. 
So I travel back, down that road. 
Will you come back? No o…


Fireworks displayed at Stadium Bola Sepak Cheras, which I took from my house. XD

Honey Bacon Wrapped On Sausages

:D anyone fancy having one? I'm having alright. O:

McDonald's Limited Edition Glass Coca Cola Cans

If you haven't known yet, I actually am an avid collector of coca cola cans. So far with almost more than 25 cans with different designs from a few parts of the world. Definitely, this glass coca cola cans is a must have!

I got it not too long ago after almost one month of waiting to collect it from McDonald's. Got it from the McDonald's Malaysia facebook page for free! Much thanks to Dawa (link) for helping me to get it. :D

It's a great effort from McDonald's to reward and utilize facebook, however bad management of this program I must say. Reason why is because winners were given a limited period of time to collect their coke cans, but some (if not a lot of outlets), ran out of the cans and they have to make several trips to the specific pick-up point that they have chosen. McDonald's should have just allocated the coke cans and it should be put aside as booking for the winners, so that regardless of whatever situation, winners still can come and collect it …

Green Lantern Premiums

Hur hur hur. Lol. 

I like Nippon Paint because I'm crazy about colours!

You know how people say a picture paint a thousand words? But if the picture is plain boring black and white, you won't pay much attention to it isn't it? That's why Picasso is such a famous artist because he used so much colours in his painting!

Pablo Picasso, Girl Before a Mirror. Oil on canvas, 1932. Museum of Modern Art, New York. Source : (link)
That's why most of us enjoy nature views because there's so much beauty in colours. I'm totally crazy about colours. But, living in an urban area means I don't really have much nature view here. I'm stuck inside my house most of the time when I'm not out.

And, I'm so tired of staring at my boring purple wall in my room now. After almost 6 years I'm stuck with this pathetic purple purposeless (hey, a tongue twister!) wall, I really want to have a make over for my room.
Well, it's a good timing now that Nippon Paint is offering 3 lucky Nuffnangers to make over their room. Argh! Pick me pick me!  


Updates #12

For the past two days, I feel like I'm in an oven being toasted into a delicious roast pork. I wonder how I  really taste like. In days like these, I wish I was freezing my butt off in Korea. Hey! It's been almost 5 months already T_T Man, how I miss the food thereeee..
Finally, the quizzes are over hoorahh! Actually, I'm quite happy with what I got, in comparison with the average marks, I think I got slightly above average. That's something to be happy about. But on the other hand, I realized that the challenge is always being better than myself. At the end of the day, it's me that I'm trying to be better than, cause eventually there's always someone else who is better than me. Okay, I know it's kinda confusing with all these me, you, she, he thing. Who says pronouns was easy again?
 But there's more to come. Mid terms alright, I feel like I'm gearing up yeah, getting the momentum to really ace it all. Cheh wah, bajet statement. I really hope I c…