For the past two days, I feel like I'm in an oven being toasted into a delicious roast pork. I wonder how I  really taste like. In days like these, I wish I was freezing my butt off in Korea. Hey! It's been almost 5 months already T_T Man, how I miss the food thereeee..

Finally, the quizzes are over hoorahh! Actually, I'm quite happy with what I got, in comparison with the average marks, I think I got slightly above average. That's something to be happy about. But on the other hand, I realized that the challenge is always being better than myself. At the end of the day, it's me that I'm trying to be better than, cause eventually there's always someone else who is better than me. Okay, I know it's kinda confusing with all these me, you, she, he thing. Who says pronouns was easy again?

 But there's more to come. Mid terms alright, I feel like I'm gearing up yeah, getting the momentum to really ace it all. Cheh wah, bajet statement. I really hope I can get a few HDs if it's possible. Looking at it, I have the chance if I work really really hard for the next say, 7 weeks? 

Well, here's something to thank God for the past 2 months in college. Thank God for bringing friends in college. Yeah, shuddap, I know I'm like some crappy fella with no friends, a loner, sometimes but hey, I managed to make a couple of friends. Not too bad? O_O I actually want to know what people think about me before they know me, it'll be something interesting to know ain't it?

Moving on, next, thank God for helping me in my assignment. And also thank God for my mum. My first group assignment in college has been giving me hard time for the past one week. The dateline is short, I mean for first timer, it's short because we don't have time to be blur, but start doing your work. I HATE last minute works actually, especially things that involve MARKS. 

Yes, I want to say this, probably some of you already know about it. I was ranting and being very very upset with my group members. And I can't choose my group members in the first place T.T The reason why I'm so upset? I think they're not taking this seriously and they're not contributing. Some gave their work without putting any effort, some did not put any initiative, some was being themselves working last minute. Because there was no leader, and I was being paranoid being no work was being done, I voluntarily start allocating who does what and giving out datelines. Sadly, no one comply to them.

Yes, I am very upset because things are not going on as I want it to be. And yes, I am taking things personal cause it's a group work, which involves me XD! Anyway, the outcome was that, whoever does their part, I really do appreciate. And to those who never, please stay away from me. LOL. The assignment was done on night before the dateline. I took matters into my own hands, I did some cover ups for certain people in the group. And I really couldn't have finished without the help of my sister, my mum (who fetched me everywhere to find sources) and also credit to one of my group member who made me feel better I wasn't doing the assignment ALONE. Anyway, I just pray for favour from the lecturer when he marks it alright.

Yep, I'm done ranting :)
Cyas. & Kthxbai :P