If you haven't known yet, I actually am an avid collector of coca cola cans. So far with almost more than 25 cans with different designs from a few parts of the world. Definitely, this glass coca cola cans is a must have!

I got it not too long ago after almost one month of waiting to collect it from McDonald's. Got it from the McDonald's Malaysia facebook page for free! Much thanks to Dawa (link) for helping me to get it. :D

It's a great effort from McDonald's to reward and utilize facebook, however bad management of this program I must say. Reason why is because winners were given a limited period of time to collect their coke cans, but some (if not a lot of outlets), ran out of the cans and they have to make several trips to the specific pick-up point that they have chosen. McDonald's should have just allocated the coke cans and it should be put aside as booking for the winners, so that regardless of whatever situation, winners still can come and collect it within the time allocated.

For my case, I made my first trip to McDonald's Taman Connaught, which was my pick-up point. Little did I know that it was closed down for renovation, and there was no notification. So it was a waste-time, useless trip. Made several complaints to McDonald's because the outlet was closed for a week, which means the pick-up allocation period is over when it re-opens.

After like a few days, only they entertained me, and sent a notification to collect it within a new period of time. I went again, they told me no stock! Second time I went, another meaningless trip. The manager told me to collect it next week. So, I am determined to be vigilant, finally got it from them after I saw a few people posting that they collected already. I immediately called up the store and confirmed if they have stock and quickly rush there (incase anything happens again you know :3) So yea, no one informed anything, this was a few days later from my second visit, not a week. So, just wondering, if I come by a little later by a few days, I bet they would say they got no stock and that the period of collection was over.

Anyhow, just saying. :P I'm happy. Heh.