Thinking of having a BBQ session? Does someone from your family want shabu shabu instead? Cannot decide? So why not get the best of both worlds at BBQ Town, Mid Valley Megamall?

BBQ Town has been around for quite some time now at Mid Valley Megamall. Here, you can enjoy Thai BBQ and Japanese shabu shabu, buffet style.

At BBQ Town, patrons can choose from having beef, lamb or chicken. If you like, you don't even have to choose at all and get all three. The meat are all from Australia. Best of all, it's free flow!

Most places use pork fat for grilling and also to prevent the blackening (carbonized bits) on the grill. Here at BBQ Town, the beef fat is provided instead because this place is in fact a pork-free restaurant, and no alcohol is served here. If you don't take beef, no worries, you can let the waiters know and you'll be given sesame oil instead.

For shabu shabu, patrons can opt for the two types of broth offered here, namely Konbu chicken soup and spicy miso soup. I got to try both and honestly, I cannot decide which one I like better because I actually love both! However, the spicy miso soup is actually not spicy at all, and for the record - I don't really take spicy stuff.  

All the meat is sliced into perfection, thin enough to make your BBQ experience better so that you don't have to take a long time to grill your meat. 

You can make your own sauce at BBQ town.

Healthy vegetable spread is available at the counter, and you can request the helpful waiters around to get a refill for your meat. Before I forget, there are also some beef balls, squids, and scallops at the counter.

There's also sushi available at BBQ Town with no extra charges. 

Took a few pieces of sushi to try. It's not too bad, just average but decent enough. I'll actually however skip the sushi (because rice makes me full) and focus on devouring the lamb and beef. 

BBQ Town also offers limited ala-carte dishes including the popular ebi tempura, agedashi tofu, gyoza age, garlic fried rice just to name a few.

Crispy fried chicken wings was really good. Well marinated and super crispy. Delicious :)

Thai Papaya salad was flavorful, a good appetizer. 

Last but not least, end your meal with unlimited green tea or chocolate soft-serve ice cream with toppings.

Admittedly, the buffet spread is rather limited but I'm thinking that people like myself will come back to BBQ Town for its fresh meat. I also really love the two choices of broths available and enjoy the shabu shabu more than the BBQ actually. It's really a fun and hearty meal to enjoy with family and friends. What's even better is the value because BBQ Town is reasonably priced at RM32.80++ for lunch and RM39.80++ for dinner (an additional RM2 on weekends and public holidays) for an adult. 

Food: 6.5/10 (Limited choice but excellent meat and broth)
Service: 7/10
Value: 7.5/10
Atmosphere: 6/10 (No exhaust to prevent me from smelling like smoke when I left)

BBQ Town,
2nd Floor, North Court,
Mid Valley Megamall.
59200 Kuala Lumpur.