Had the opportunity to come to Restoran Wak Jos Ikan Bakar dan Asam Pedas in Muar last CNY to get fulfil ikan bakar cravings. The place, dubbed to have the 'best seafood in Muar', is clean but there were a lot of cats around. The place is packed 7pm onwards. 

What's on Wak Jos Ikan Bakar dan Asam Pedas' menu? They have a wide variety from siakap, sotong, cencaru, kembung, pari (my favourite!), kerang and more. Once you get to the restaurant, there is a small booth outside. Here, you can pick your own ingredients and let them do everything else. The price is stated clearly as well.

Food took quite some time to come, which is understandable since they need to BBQ them. No need to worry about smelling like smoke because they actually do all the BBQing in their kitchen, away from customers. Anyway, we ordered satay for appetizers :P

Cockles for RM3 only! In KL, please triple the price for one basket.

This super big plate of Kupang for only RM15! Seriously, you can never enjoy this kind of price in KL.

Fried squid. Two plates of this for about RM40. SUPER CHEAP cause the portion is amazing.

This is a super big ikan pari (string ray) but it's only at RM28! Super good deal again cause it's so big. But I don't really like the curry paste that goes with it.

Got a good view of the sunset while we were having dinner as well. Overall, I enjoyed the dinner very much! Food is great and what's even better is that the food was amazingly cheap and affordable. Clean place and I don't smell like smoke afterwards.