*Last updated April 8, 2015

BB1M season is back but late, late, late this time round!

I've scouted a bit for BB1M promotions and my initial verdict is .. things are not very exciting for BB1M holders this year.

Anyway, I'll come up with the list of places where you can spend your BB1M vouchers like I did in the past two years. Read on below:

1. Popular Book Co (M) Sdn Bhd

Source: (link)

Spend RM250 - get RM50 Popular Gift Vouchers + Popular Card
Spend RM150 - get RM10 Popular Gift Voucher + Popular Card
Spend RM100 - get RM5 Popular Gift Voucher

Remarks: Nothing exciting here. Popular is basically recycling their promotion (even same banner design!) but unfortunately no additional contest this year. But they are having a lot of book sales and accepting BB1M as well. Check out their Facebook for more info.

2. Borders Malaysia

Source: (link)

Spend RM150 - get RM10 Borders Gift vouchers + 1 drink from Starbucks
Spend RM250 - get RM20 Borders Gift vouchers + free preloaded Starbucks card 

3. MPH Bookstore/MPH CLICK

Source: (link)

1. Spend RM50*, get RM5 book and stationery voucher + MPH Readers Circle Membership
2. Spend RM250* get RM50 book an stationery voucher

Source: (link)

Remarks: Looks like MPH is tackling stationery lovers. For MPH, you can either spend it at the Putrajaya International Book Fair 2015 (event ending really soon!) (event ended!) or at their bookstores to enjoy the promotion.

4. BookXcess 

Source: (link)

1. Spend RM100 in BB1M vouchers and get 3 years FREE BookXcess membership
2. Spend RM150 in BB1M vouchers and get 3 years FREE BookXcess membership + RM10 BookXcess voucher
3. Spend RM250 in BB1M vouchers and get 3 years FREE BookXcess membership + RM20 BookXess Voucher

5. Times Bookstores

Source: (link)

1. Spend RM250 - get RM50 Times Bookstores voucher + TPC member card
2. Spend RM150 - get RM20 Times Bookstores voucher
3. Spend RM100 - get RM10 Times Bookstores vouchers

6. Big Bad Wolf Books

Source: (link)

Spend RM150 BB1M vouchers - get RM10 BBW vouchers
Spend RM250 BB1M vouchers - get Rm20 BBW vouchers

7. PTS Media Group 

Source: (link)

Spend RM100 - books 
Spend RM150 - free delivery in West Malaysia, exclusive prize, books
Spend RM250 - free delivery in whole of Malaysia, exclusive prize, books

8. Lejen Press

Source: (link)

Each voucher (RM50) entitles you to get 3 books. 

Source: (link)

1. Spend RM150 - limited edition bag + bookmark + sticker
2. Spend RM200 - get free membership + bag + button badge


Disclaimer: I do not endorse the usage of BB1M vouchers to purchase items such as hard drives etc as according to the BB1M guidelines, the BB1M vouchers should be used to buy books. I am just simply providing the information that people are looking for. 

OTHERS/Those looking for stationery/hard drive:
1. Gedebook Sdn. Bhd (link)
2. Puteh Press (link)
4. Bookurve (link)
5. Monaliza Mastura, Kota Bharu (link)
6. PC Image (link) - I heard that PC Image charge RM10 for every RM50 BB1M voucher used.
7. IT-Bezz (link)
8. Pustaka Rakyat
9. Weststar / The Art Shop (link)

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