(Left to right; top to bottom)

Chinese English Malay

 Wealth Kekayaan
Ān 安 Peace Keamanan
Mǎn Abundance Kelebihan
Xǐ 喜 Happiness Kebahagiaan
Jí 吉 Good luck Tuah
Shùn A smooth year Kecemerlangan
Fú 福 Prosperity Kemakmuran
Wàng 旺  Fortune Rezeki

Remember I said I want to collect all of the 8 designs to complete the CNY Coca-Cola set after getting my personalised can? I finally managed to do it - much thanks to everyone who helped me along the way! 

P.S: Btw, guess how long I took to searchfor the right Chinese characters... One of the things I hate for being a banana.