Review: Motorola Moto G (KitKat 4.4.2) 16GB Malaysia (First Impressions)

Remember I mentioned that my Samsung Galaxy SII died (here)? It kinda revived after I left it for about a month. I started using again and it works like normal, minus the lousy battery life but it was all good..until last Monday the phone lag, stuck at boot and refused to boot anymore. >:( It completely died, I think the motherboard just burnt out.

So.. I got myself a Motorola Moto G.

Bought it at RM739 (retail price). With free screen protector and a Motorola Shell (random colour) and I got myself a lime green. Yay for me. But too bad I won't be using it. It gets dirty easily.

It's slightly smaller (in width) compared to my Samsung SII but it's good. I like the size. Initially I wanted to get a Lenovo P780 (a 5" smartphone) because of the amazing battery life. My friends using the Lenovo P780 boasted of having to only charge the phone every 2-3 days, which is awesome really, for a smartphone. Unfortunately or fortunately, the model is out of stock almost I decided to source for another phone which turns out to be the Motorola Moto G.

I will have to admit that I wanted to get a flagship phone and I was seriously considering a Samsung Galaxy S4, or maybe a HTC One, or perhaps a Sony Xperia Z1? Sorry Nokia Lumia is completely out of the picture cause I was only considering Android phones. I'm biased like that :P

Simple design. The speakers are at the back and at a pretty good position actually.

Motorola Moto G has only 3 physical buttons. The power button, the up and down volume button. I'm missing Samsung's home button.

So what's inside the Moto G box? Pretty simple.. the free case, the phone itself, a lame charger (output 0.5A only -_-), manuals and warranty, a note that you get free storage from Google Drive and an earphone. 

So how do I feel about this Motorola Moto G? Many people asked me, "Why you buy Motorola?!". The phone itself is not bad, really. But I find the charger really lame and it takes quite long to charge in my case. Moto G was quick to receive the Kitkat 4.4.2 update, which is really good. I've gotten used to Samsung's Touchwiz UI but now I'm getting a hang of the pure Android experience. 

Ideally, I will like to have a phone with removable battery and expandable storage - that's why I love Samsung, the only manufacturer that is still producing phones with both of this conditions. But for now, I don't want to spend a huge sum of money on phones as they are not built to last. So in the end, I don't know why I contradicted myself and gotten a Moto G that doesn't have removable battery nor expandable storage but I feel that it's worth it for the price I pay.

The camera's function good for the specs but I don't expect too much since I already have a good camera in my hands. 

This Moto G is complete with dual SIM, and I shall take full advantage of this feature soon and get myself a data plan (about time isn't it? :P).

To sum it up, I'm loving the new phone. The screen's good :D And it performs well enough for me so it's worth every penny. And now, I'm back to saving up >:(.


  1. Moto G is a great mid range phone! Kit kat mah :)

    1. Yeap, I'm enjoying Kit Kat indeed :D Really a great mid-range phone at a great price!

    2. no connection issues / battery problem encountered ? i would like to get 1 soon

    3. Hi :) No connection issues/battery problem so far for me. The only problem I have was with the charging time but I bought a thirdparty charger from lelong and it's working great so far. Less than 2 hour for fullcharge :)

    4. how much u bought the charger? wats different from the ori charger?

    5. how much is the 3rdparty charger?
      wats the different fr ori charger?

    6. how much u bought the charger? wats different from the ori charger?

    7. bought mine on 4.4.2 .... it keeps on looping between connecting and obtaining ip adress when i connect to my home wifi .... found little help online .. or else im gonna root it... any idea?

    8. Hi KC Hea,
      The 3rd party charger cost RM30 excluding postage. The difference is the output is 2A instead of 0.5A by the ori charger. So it means that the charging is faster :)

    9. Hi Waikit,
      I'm not sure about this issue..perhaps you could bring up this issue to Brightstar? Sorry I couldn't help.

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  3. Nice review you have there and I hope you loving this budget phone as much as I do coz same as you,I was aiming for a high-end smartphone but these phones get outdated so fast by its successor so just get a smartphone you need and not you want is more than enough :) ......if you don't mind, here's my personal point of view on this phone after 2 months usage which I think you can relate it,hehe:

    - Cheap price tag
    - Sharp display (compared same like iPhone 5S but larger 4.5" screen)
    - Long battery life (can last me at least 1 full day easily)
    - Customizable back cover (I already have 4 different colours - blue,white,yellow,black)
    - Nice handling (the back part very easy to hold since matte although kinda slippery)
    - Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, upgradable to Android 4.4 KitKat (i upgraded mine last month and performance top-notch)
    - Good enough quad-core processor (i'm a gamer and this phone can play Asphalt 8 easily with medium graphics settings)

    - Unimpressive camera quality (unless u turn on HDR but zooming vise it gets blurred)
    - Limited internal storage (8 GB version about 5.52 GB user available)(16 GB version about 12.92 GB user available)- but for me the 16gb unit is more than enuf

    1. I agree with all your points (great minds think alike :P).. After weighing all these pros and cons, it was definitely worth getting the Moto G. :)

  4. It is quite surprising for me to see a female user using Motorola phone :P
    Anyway, welcome to the Motorola bandwagon.

    1. Ah..really? :D
      Well, thank you for your kind welcome haha!

    2. Yeah, all my friends, they hardly use/heard of Motorola. Except me the die hard fans of Motorola.

    3. Yeah, now days not much people pay attention to Motorola. Or maybe my social network aint that large, but you are indeed the first female user that i ever encounter