It was raining quite heavily when we arrive at Penang Hill. The place looks quite crowded to me but Sarah told me that it is considerably and thankfully much smaller crowd. The other time she came here, she had to queue for a very long time before she could ride the train up from the base (Ayer Itam) to the fresh-air Penang Hill.

Taking some photographs before we ride the train lol

The ticket price for the train ranges from RM4 to RM30! 
Info from

Ticket Prices
Harga Ticket
My Card
Adult ( Dewasa )RM30.00RM8.00
Senior Citizen ( Warga Emas )RM30.00RM4.00
Child ( Aged 4 -12 years )
Kanak-kanak ( Berusia 4 - 12 tahun )
School/College/University Student
Pelajar Sekolah/Kolej/Universiti
Family Package
Pakej Keluarga

2 Adult + 1 Child
2 Dewasa + 1 Kanak-kanak
2 Adult + 2 Child
2 Dewasa + 2 Kanak-kanak
2 Adult + 3 Child
2 Dewasa + 3 Kanak-kanak
One Way (Sehala) - Adult/DewasaRM17.00RM5.00
One Way (Sehala) - Child/Kanak-kanakRM10.00RM2.00
Disabled Person
Orang Kurang Upaya

I think this is one of the few times I'm grateful I have a Malaysian IC :P but most of all, I'm glad I'm still a student. Heh. 

I heard this is the new train and a great upgrade from the older train. It is air-conditioned and passengers don't need to change trains, direct one-way and the best of all the journey only takes about 5-10 minutes than the older train which took about 30 mins! One coach could probably have 8 people seated and the rest can stand.

Since it was still raining, we decided to go indoors first by paying (literally) a visit to the Owl Museum at Penang Hill. The ticket price was RM10 per pax for adults and free for children. Fortunately, students have their own advantage as we only paid RM5 per pax for entrance fee, student price. Owh, we also got a free keychain each. 

I'm not really an owl fan but if you are, pay a visit here. We didn't really spend our time looking in detail, actually we were just skimming through the gallery since taking pictures are allowed, we took our opportunity.

In the Owl Museum, they have a few books for visitors to draw or write on at the cashier counter near the exit. Most of the books had no or little space so just simply went and left our mark on a random book. 

Lol, my random 30-second drawing of an owl. Plus, Sarah's writing -_-

By the time we left the Owl Museum, it stopped raining. YESSSS : ) So we just lazed walked around and took some photographs. The weather was really good at this point of time. 

After a while, we decided to take a buggy ride (25 minutes) - RM30 for one. For the buggy ride, we were taken to tour around the insides of Penang  Hill where there are a lot of old buildings (houses). Our driver was a Nepalese, a very friendly guy. Forgot to take a picture with him :/

Behind us, we should be able to see some really nice panorama view but I'm not sure which obstructed our view - the haze or mist :1

Anyway, Penang Hill was cool. More like a see-see place. Nothing much to do here but super relaxing : ) Taking the train was a really cool experience. Heh.