One thing you must eat when you're in Penang is of course the signature char koay teow. Before we went to Penang, we also did some research and find out there are a few popular hot spots for what people claimed as the best char koay teow in Penang. 

One of them is located right at the end of Jalan Siam. At first we thought the stall was closed because Jalan Siam was a really long road but we found it right at the end of this one-way road.

Needless to say, there was a long queue when we reached there. As you can see from the picture, there was no place for you to eat but there's a coffee shop opposite that welcomes you to sit and eat there provided you order drinks of course. Which means, there were more people waiting for their turn to be served.  

What's special about this stall was that the uncle uses charcoal instead of regular gas to fry the koay teow. I stood and waited from a distance because I didn't want to smell all ashy. Lol, I know I'm evil like that to let my friends do the dirty job. 

Lol exhausted faces while waiting for our char koay teow ..

We were waiting for our food for quite some time so my friend decided to order some Lor Bak from the coffee shop that we were seated since we were all very hungry. The only food that they sell was Lor Bak. This was RM4 if I didn't mistaken.

Just as the Lor Bak was ready, the char koay teow was also ready. Lol. We waited for about 45 minutes since we placed our order. Well, RM4.20 for this place would be quite reasonable but obviously this is a commercialized price. In the other famous char koay teow places, I heard one plate could go up to RM7 or even RM9. In Cheras, I can get a decent plate for RM4.50 (cheapest), so I would say RM4.20 is still reasonable. 

Nothing really fancy about this plate of char koay teow because the ingredients are just normal - 'lap cheong', 'si ham' (cockles), and prawns. But for any good hawker food, 'wok hei' is a must and this plate of char koay teow excelled in that aspect. Hahaha. 

So the final verdict - I felt that this is not the best char koay teow yet but could be one of the best. The one I usually eat here in Cheras - I dare say - could be as good. The waiting time was also extremely long, unfortunately for hungry souls like us. But I would say, come try for yourself and let me know what you think.