Just went to Penang over the weekend with my awesome high school friends. It's actually my first trip with my friends that are not from church without the supervision of older peeps :3 It's also my first time visiting Penang. Don't give me that look please. Anyway, over the next few blogpost I shall be blogging about my experience in Penang :D

Georgetown Map from visitpenang.gov

We rented a car from Kuala Lumpur and left around 4-ish early in the morning. This is to avoid traffic jam of course. Many thanks to Jun Huei and Shi Wah who was driving most of the time and girls get to relax and slack behind. Lol. 

List of Welded Iron Wall Caricatures

Prior to going to Penang, we did a little research on the street arts which was popularized by both locals and tourists. One of the most famous painters that contributed 6 murals in Georgetown is Ernest Zacharevic. One blogger (I forgot who, sorry!) mentioned about Lebuh Armenian in his blogpost so we went to find that street and it was our starting point. 

I find it a challenge to navigate around Penang, most of the roads were one-way. Better make sure whatever GPS you are using is the most up-to-date otherwise you'll be wasting time on the roads :(

Anyway we managed to make our way to Lebuh Armenian and found a parking spot near it. I think it's not really difficult to find parking space in Georgetown and especially easy if you are willing to walk. 

Chin Seng Leong Bike Shop
84, Armenian Street, 10200 Penang, 
012 553 3553 / 016 4771759 / 04 2610106

We rented bicycles from Chin Seng Leong Bike Shop. The rate was RM10 for the whole day. It was a really decent price I would say because the bicycles were well maintained (the seat is well-cushioned! won't have any butt pain lol) and comes with basket so it's really good if you brought bag you can just dump it inside lol. And you can change it anytime if there was any problem. I find the bigger bike harder to control so I changed mine to a smaller one later on. There were a couple of bike rental shops around Georgetown but not sure how much they charge, should be quite standard price. 

We were provided a map by the store. Pretty cool. 

Old school stuff in the store. 

Ohai. First welded iron wall caricature we saw.

"Kids on bicycle", one of Ernest's mural. 

Visiting myself and my sister. Lol. I think the kids actually looks like me and my sister when we were younger. I shall find a picture of us when we were younger and post it up soon, you'll be the judge? :D

Pretty signboards in Georgetown. Why can't we have this in KL?!

"Skippy, the Giant Cat" 
Part of the 101 Lost Kittens Project. Read about it here (link)

"Love me like your Fortune Cat"

"Yeah Only" by Baba Chuah

"Children Playing Basketball" by Louis Gan. 
I read that Louis Gan is a deaf-mute and a self-taught artist. Wow. 

Err. Not sure who's work is this. Hahaha.

"Brother and Sister on a Swing" by Louis Gan

"Boy on a bike" by Ernest

"Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur" by Ernest. 
Sadly this mural which was just beside "Boy on a bike" was worn off : ( What a shame.

Going around with my bike lol.

"Too Narrow" by Tang Mun Kian.

"Bruce Lee Cat Mural", 101 Lost Kittens project

Shaved ice with flavour along Lebuh Armenian. 

"Reaching Up" by Ernest. 

After cycling around, we decided to stop and drove to Chew Jetty. Actually we could have cycled our way there too but we didn't. Tired faces Lol.

Cool aunty working at the bike shop treated us after we returned our bicycles ; ) 
We're favoured :D

"Amah and Asoon" by Simon Tan at Chew Jetty entrance

Sadly, once again Ernest's "Children in a Boat" had faded badly. Oh wells.

Tourists fascinated with the sight of Davy Jones an octopus.

Visiting Chew Clan Jetty marks the end of our journey in finding for street arts around Georgetown. There are still many other murals and welded iron wall caricatures (or steel rod sculptures) that we did not purposely find but we've seen a few of them while we traveled around Georgetown for the next few days. 

Wished we had the time to find all the murals, it would be cool because it's a really nice setting to take loads of pictures. Heh.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the location of the various Penang street arts, I find this site - Penang-traveltips - super useful and there's a lot of information about the murals too.