August seems to be the most happening month for me for the past 2 years. Mainly because it's the longest semester break I will ever have in the entire year (that's only 1.5 months as compared to others who have 2-3 months for their summer break..pfft). So two weeks after Penang, my family and I, together with Hazel HF went for retreat. Our last retreat was in Kee's Farm two years ago... which I did not blog about lol.

This is the stone house. Our temporary home for two days.

This was inside the wooden house.. nice floor :D (I forgot to take pictures of the exterior! Gah..).

Nice kitchen at the wooden house. Both the wooden house and the stone house are furnished with air-conditioners and all the windows and doors have mosquito netting. Yay. Unfortunately, there aren't many kitchen utensils here so you might want to bring your own. And overall, the stone house was quite filthy, sorry I had to say filthy because there were a lot of lizards shits around (!!!!!) I hate lizards with all my heart. I think the house was quite vacant for quite some time. But the wooden house was more decent.

Looking at the durians we found and collected. This place is a private property but since we are staying here, we are free to roam around the place except that you don't want to trespass other people's houses..and this place really huge. 

Running to grab more durians. Super kiasu -.-



Feasting on the durians we collected. Unfortunately, the durians didn't taste that great. But everyone had fun and enjoyed the experience of collecting durians. :D 

Preparing the fishing baits

There are several ponds around where we stayed..

... but it's freaking difficult to catch any fish. :O

Mum marinating some beef.

Beeeeefff. For barbecue.

There's a place to barbecue nearby, like just 2 minutes away from the wooden house. Open area and there were crazy lots of flies. Mainly because of the fishes... attracted lots and lots of flies...

Yeh. You can pluck and pick anything around this place. Simple place but not much to do, to be honest. Time well spent to slack around : ) By the way, beware of evil insects! Strange enough, most of us came back itchy, like some after-effects thing because we didn't feel that itchy when we were there. o_O