Just got back from Melaka as I went there over the weekend. One of the places I went this time with the bunch was Mods Cafe.

I have this habit of taking down the restaurant exterior or signage so that I can remember where were the food pictures taken. So while I attempted to take a picture of Mods Cafe, one of the workers shouted (as I was standing across the street) that no picture was allowed. Okay, I understand some people don't want their place or themselves to be photographed, I understand. So I kept my camera away and walked inside the cafe together with my friends.

I just sat down when the waitress rushed us with our order. She didn't deliberately say so but you get the idea by observing her nonverbal behaviour while she kept asking us to order first. Then when we placed our first order, I heard her walking towards her colleague and told him to brew the cappuccino together with the other table's order. Lol?

By the way, I was surprised that customers were allowed to take pictures. So photography is open to customers and not the public. I see.

Cajons as chairs.. interesting. Okay, so I figure not many people would know about this instrument called cajon as it's not a mainstream instrument. Or they know the instrument, just not the name. But anyway, I'm surrounded by musically-talented friends so they recognised that the chairs were actually cajons.. with snares. Excited, they started to play the cajons (with little beats) - I personally don't think we were disruptive - but the barista rudely told us not to play it. Very blunt and rude. Okay, as customers, I'm sure we are not dai sai and we know how to respect other patrons but I personally would have appreciated if the tone could have been better.

Interestingly... the straws they gave us to use were awfully familiar. Coffee lovers, I'm sure you recognise this:

I'm not a coffee drinker so I ordered an iced chocolate instead. It cost me RM14 but the taste is not up to my expectations. I would have expected a more chocolate-y taste than milk. I'd rather pay RM5-6 for iced chocolate at Old Town or RM14 for my favourite Starbucks frappuccino (yes, sugary drink but I like it lol). 


Mods Cafe has a minimum 1 order per person rule. Yes, it's a rule that you must follow and they insist so. We already placed 5 orders for 7 people so we asked if we could just have 5 orders but she insisted that everyone must order. The place has limited seatings so perhaps they just want to earn more from it. 

Taking a picture with the 'rule'

I can't comment on the coffee here since I'm not a coffee drinker and I didn't eat because I totally lost my appetite after we were given such a bad service for an overall experience. The people working were just hostile and unfriendly. But when we left, at least the lady that served us said thank you. 

Curious to find out if it was just a one-time bad service or perhaps the guy was having a bad mood or something, I went and Googled up this place. Sure enough, I am not the only one who thought that the service was horrible as many other people who wrote reviews on TripAdvisor shared the same sentiments! However, the earlier reviews were favourable though. I think about half of the recent reviews were criticising the service, so you kinda get the idea of how bad it was if half the people that left reviews were unhappy with the service.

One last thing - don't expect receipts here! They don't have and will not provide you one. Which leaves me wondering, how do they pay their taxes? They wrote our orders in a notebook (yes, I noticed that).

So final verdict, personally, I will never ever patronise this place ever again. And I will not recommend you to come to this place, lest the service gets better and people (both the public and customers) are treated with more respect. Come here if you like nice and fancy decos, and if service doesn't affect your mood. As for the coffee? Try it for yourself. Some say it's nice some say it's just okay.