One of the most worthy things to hunt down in Penang is Restoran Chu Yoke Weng's Pei Pa duck (or Pi Pa in mandarin). It's quite funny how this small stall is called "restoran" :P

Originally, our primary motivation to come here was to try out the ochien that was recommended by Bangsarbabe at here too. Unfortunately for us, we found out from Chu Yoke Weng that the ochien stall has closed down for quite a number of years already. Okay, we were left speechless. Lol. The uncle also told us that it was not because the ochien was not nice so it ran out of business but apparently it was some family problem (the father don't allow the son to continue the business or something). Oh...

Anyway, when we were there at Kedai Kopi Bee San, it was rather deserted. Only another 1-2 families were seated down to eat the Pei Pa duck. 

For RM20 (half a duck), this Pei Pa duck was worth it. Although we tapau back, the skin was still crispy! We also find that the sauce a bit too salty so we prefer to eat it on its own without the sauce, can savor the duck flavour too. Good stuff indeed! One of the best ducks I've eaten. Teehee.