Just went to Alexis at Bangsar (Telawi) a few days ago to eat cakes after lunch with Aki, HF and Shanon. The last time I had Alexis cakes..it looked like this..

Superrrr evil, I know right.

Mixed Berries Meringue #1

Mixed Berries Meringue #2

Mixed Berries Meringue.. is really a Pavlova. The sides melts in your mouth! Fresh berries and it's not too sweet. Awesome texture. This is one of the best cakes from Alexis.

Tiramisu #1

Tiramisu #2

One of Alexis' signature cake. Topped with various nuts dipped with caramel. I love nuts but this is too sweet for my liking! :O If you like Garrett's popcorns, you're gonna love this too.. But the cake's really good. 

Black Forest #1

Black Forest #2

For RM13 per slice, this is one of the best deals you can get from Alexis because the portion is huge! As you can see, the cake cannot even 'stand' because it is just huge. Generous amounts of cherries and the taste of wine (rum?) is really obvious.

Now, drool please.