Located along Lebuh Keng Kwee and right beside Kafe Joo Hooi, this cendol store is one of the major hotspot in Penang. 

Look at the queue! The queue keeps building but it moves pretty fast. I think we waited for about 5 minutes for our serving and be vigilant! When it's your turn, be quick in taking your servings and pay up. 

Uncle hard at work. As you can see, RM 2.10 for one bowl of cendol and RM2.40 if you take away (aka bungkus). 

Just opposite the Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul store, you can find this Penang Road Famous Chendol - Ais Kachang with equal number of customers. By the way, the spellings are a bit funny eh, like the traditional Malay spelling: chendol/chendul = cendol and kachang = kacang. I guess these stores must have existed for quite some time. 

Quite difficult to find parking here, so we just parked at the roadside for awhile and quickly finished our cendol. No time to really savour it. It's refreshing and the cendol and red beans are good (bonus points for good red beans) but nothing really fancy about this bowl of cendol, in my personal opinion. Heh. I thought there were special ingredients or something :P Sorry, it seems that I'm a fussy eater eh.

Everyone enjoying their dessert.

By the way, the Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul has launched their first outlet in Petaling Jaya, Paradigm Mall to be specific. So if you're not in Penang, perhaps you want to head to Paradigm Mall and taste this cendol for yourself ; )