This is one of the random place we crashed in the attempt to find ochien (fried oyster omelette) because we were hunting for the famous ochien in Penang but both were closed down or sold out. Pfft...

Lotsa food can be found here.

Mi hun with fried fish fillet. The mi hun was surprisingly good although it looked so simple lol. 

What I know as 'har mee' in KL is Penang's Hokkien mee. Nothing bombastic. 

Penang's chee cheong fun (rice noodle roll) comes with chilli, sweet sauce and also the signature hae ko (shrimp paste). So far the usual cheee cheong fun in KL does not come with hae ko. Hae ko is commonly found in the Malaysian Chinese fruit rojak.

This..I did not touch. Lol. Duck soup mixed with random parts of duck I guess.

The hunt for ochien was successful here. Yum yum. This plate of ochien has small oysters (some serve large ones) but the serving is generous. But I find that the omelette is a bit little, maybe should add an egg or two.

This small serving of char koay teow cost RM3.50! Commercialized price. Lol. Anyway, I just had a random thought. Someone should do a char koay teow challenge in Penang. Try all the char koay teow that is available in Penang. :x 

Ikan bakar! Quite pricey but it's tasty.