After about one month bumming around, playing online poker, rewatching my favourite series and going out.. reality is drawing closer as results were out this morning. Of course, I was dying in curiosity for the past few days because I wanted to know how did I do in my exams. For the past few semesters, I had high carrying marks but the end result wasn't up to what I hoped for because obviously, I did quite badly in the final examination. Woe is to me.

So anyway, after refreshing the uni site for countless of times this morning.. I'm glad to say I'm so happy with my results; even more thankful to God for the best result I would have ever gotten in uni so far. The best part is that this is a really good result to begin my Year 2. Bam bam bam! :D Couldn't be more delighted than this.

Although I would say in terms of contest-excitement, it has been pretty low this year because I have not been actively joining contest like I would a year or two ago mainly because I feel tired with uni and life, I got no motivation to put in effort and join contests. However, the focus given to uni has not been wasted, I guess, seeing that indeed sometimes we need to sacrifice one thing to get another. But all is well.

I honestly cannot wait till I finish studying though I have a plan in mind on what to do after finishing this degree. But what is ahead of me, I am not sure.. but I shall wait.

Next up.. I'm really excited about the upcoming YPF camp! It's been 4 years since the last.. it was also because of the first YPF camp I attended that made me started this blog..