For the past 2 years, I've been actively using Lowyat forum and Facebook groups to buy and sell things online. Things I've sold include camera bags, camera lenses, headphones, CDs, concert tickets and any other stuff I won from contests lol. To date, my buy and sell transactions would probably have amounted to more than five figures?

Some of the tickets I've sold online

So far, I've never been scammed nor scammed anyone lol, so it's all good. Most of the time, I would prefer COD (cash-on-delivery) to postage. Nowadays, buying and selling online is quite a norm and there are more online retailers/resellers. Anyway, today I would like to share some of the things that I feel are important when buying or selling things online.

1. Check the person/company's background
- If you're using a forum, check whether this good has sold or bought anything before by looking at his forum posts or threads. Also, Google to see if that person's username is under any kind of dispute. If you are unsure if the person you are dealing with is reliable, the best is to COD to avoid any complications that could occur if you're dealing with postage.

2. Never bank in money or post something first
- If I'm buying something, I usually do not bank in money to someone I do not know. Unless that person has received good feedback and good recommendations, then I might consider it. Never ever bank in money to strangers that do not have any reputation, always COD. I insist on the other party to bank in first if I were to sell something and the method to deal is via postage because I already established the fact that I would not scam and I am trustworthy enough.

3. Pick the right place to COD
- For COD areas, I choose places where I am familiar with. Pick somewhere that is close to your house - office or schooling area, where you are most familiar. Pick a place that is usually crowded, in a closed area and there is a place to sit. Usually, the COD areas I would choose are shopping malls.

4. Establish good reputation
- If you're a seller, be responsible. Be on time during COD. Once people banked money into your account, make sure you post the item as agreed, as soon as possible. Usually, I would make a deal with my buyer that I will bank in the next day or latest within 3 days under special circumstances. If you're a buyer, DO NOT FFK! FFK-ing sucks. *FFK = Fong Fei Kei, to break a promise, deal or did not show up for an appointment made with another party. Establishing a good reputation would bring many benefits in the future.

5. Keep records
- If you've made an online transaction, always screenshot or print the receipt out. And if you've sold something, always check that you have already received the money in the correct amount. Always check.

6. Maintain privacy
- This is probably one of the most important things to do when buying or selling things online. Do not disclose any personal information to people you do not know or trust because you do not know if they would misuse your personal information.

Hope these few tips will help any of you who are buying or selling things online. Anyway, do you guys buy or sell things online often? Maybe you can share with me who you buy from and what you buy? ; )