Generation Yes organized a caption contest back in May and the contest ended on 17th June. My friend, Ivan told me about the contest and I remembered putting random funny captions within the little time I have because it was hectic period then. Not much time for contest. It's been quite some time since I won anything nice, about 6 months drought :(

I suffered a setback this year when one of the contest organizers announced me as one of the winners for one of the contest but later they said that is was an error (and did not bother to issue me an apology but instead ignored and blocked me, lol).

Anyway, it is always true that the higher hope you put in something, the greater the disappointment.. so I had not put much hope but in the end, all turned out well : ) On 20th June, during class I received an sms from a YTL Comms representative to inform me on my winning :D Best part is I could collect the prize the next day. Woohoo!

Double-confirmed! Took this page off Generation Yes' Facebook. LOL, don't mind my silly picture :D I was not informed on what I won in the sms, so it took some time for me to digest the fact I won the first prize, YAY! Both my friend and acquaintance also won. Congrats to them too :D

Lol, tired face after a long day in college then went and collect prize with mum.

: )

This is one of the prizes I don't sell because it means a lot to me. First, it's because after so long this is the first prize I've won for the year! Secondly, I've been wishing to win a tablet for mum ever since I won my S2. Finally, dream come true! Everyone gets to use it and I'm glad even my father is learning how to use it despite having some difficulty lol. 

Here's to a better second half of the year!