Within a month or so, I made two trips to twenty.one tables+terrace at BSC. The first time with my family to celebrate Father's Day. The second to celebrate sister's and my birthday. The first trip was a pleasant experience, the place is easy to find, we got a nice seat with a rather good ambiance.


Here's what I see from where I was seated.. by the way, that's a tv there, not a photo frame lol.

Complimentary bread. Not bad at all

I can't remember the names of the drinks, forgive me. Anyways, food picture spam begins ~ Ratings are given based on how good the food is (taste-wise) and also with the consideration of the price.

Some berries punch. I like this. Fresh. : )
Rate: 7/10

Rate: 7/10

Rate: 7/10

Rate: 6/10

Chicken Burger with pickles, cheese, home made relish & shoe string fries for RM28
Rate: 5/10

Oxtail Soup local style with carrots, celery & fried onions for RM16
Rate: 6/10

Crispy Skin Salmon with potato croquette, tomatoes, asparagus, drizzled in caper butter for RM36
Rate: 6/10

Creamy Fettuccini with smoked salmon & spinach for RM24
Rate: 5/10

Duck Spring Rolls with cucumbers, carrots, spring onions & chilli hoi sin sauce. 4 pieces for RM18
Rate: 6/10

Different salts

Beef Tenderloin with potato chips, rocket salad, your choice of bearnaise, garlic rosemary or cream mushroom sauce kl cut (220g) for RM65 and the ny cut (340g) for RM89
Rate: 6/10

I just realised that the beef tenderloin did not come with potato chips as claimed. Or do they mean those small little shredded pieces of potatoes as potato chips? -_-' really?

Lamb Shank braised in tomato reduction with winter vegetables for RM45
Rate: 6.5/10

Chocolate Molten with white chocolate foam for RM18
Rate: 6/10

Oreo Cheesecake with mango purée, chocolate foam & crumble for RM18
Rate: 5/10

Next door table is prepared to party. Lol

There was a Groupon deal for twenty.one tables+terrace - RM28 for RM50 cash voucher or RM49 for RM100 cash voucher. There was also buy 1 free 1 happy hour promotion for alcoholic beverages when we dine there (5pm to 8pm if I've not mistaken). So we probably spent around actually money that amounted to RM200+++ that night. Based on the food and service, I would say it's pretty decent. Special mention of this guy named Omar who attended to our table, he was really nice and attentive.

Pictures from second trip. We were seated right infront of the entrance. Nothing much, just foodie picture.

Pina colada for RM25
Rate: 5.5/10

Chicken Tikka Marsala with shell pasta, mint yoghurt & pickled kyuri for RM28
Fun fact: Did you know that Chicken Tikka Marsala is Britain's national dish? :D
Rate: 6.5/10

Roast Duck Breast with spring onion broth, chilli & capellini pasta for RM38
Rate: 4.5/10

I'm really offended that this dish looks like wantan mee with duck -__________________-; and it tastes so-so. How disappointing.

Roast Chicken Breast stuffed with mushrooms, garlic mash, bok choy & spanish salsa for RM36
Rate: 6/10

 Thai Green Risotto with spicy chicken & tempura spring onions for RM28

Fish Burger with potato wedges & home made tartar for RM26
Rate: 4/10

Chocolate Molten with white chocolate foam again LOL : )

Second trip was not a very nice experience. Waited super long for our food, I think it was close to an hour waiting. Plus, my fish burger was overcooked by the chef and I had to wait about 10-15 minutes more. Urgh. And, the waiters were less than enthusiastic and looks shabby. Poor service. I saw Omar and wished he was serving us because I think he really provided excellent service but he was serving at the other aisle LOL. Later that night, there was already some party going on in the bar which was just behind me so I was inhaling cigarette smokes. T.T 

Overall verdict, I think won't be coming here in the future. It's not worth it except for the drinks, especially during happy hour. The food is decent, nothing to shout about and actually I find the choices are quite limited. The normal price for the food and (some of the food portion) is overwhelming for normal people like me :P

By the way, twenty.one tables+terrace at BSC is not to be mistaken with the other outlet twenty.one kitchen+bar at Changkat Bukit Bintang. 

twenty.one tables+terrace
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