My Ultimate Definition of SUCCESS

So I've been stuffing so much information for the last one week and I'm just waiting to vomit them out in exam this coming Monday.. so let's take a short break and sweep off the dust in this blog. At this stage, I have to confess I'm slowly losing the momentum and interest to give my best in studies... Oh dear. K. I've always been hangat-hangat tahi ayam, or as my lecturer used to say, "hot hot chicken sh*t".. Tsk.

I think for one, I'm easily demotivated.. and it's difficult for me to find motivation. Where, exactly is my motivation to do my best? Wait, I think the correct question is whether do I ever feel motivated to do anything at all. Lol. For studies, it's not like I'm gonna get a first class honours (I guess the motivation is for the temporal glamour) and even if I maintain CGPA 3.50 to quality for scholarship, I reckon the amount of crap I have to take is just not worth it.

In fact I made a mental calculation - I think I made more money through online content-sharings and winning contests than the amount of scholarship I will receive for getting at least CGPA 3.50. My gosh, I rock. HAHAHA.

So, yesterday I received a piece of news about related to the MQA crap again *narrows eyes* I shall not comment further but I've come to the point of being so darn fed up with everything that is going on here. For the past one year, everything is just atrocious and ridiculous. This time though, I'm not the only one who's at this level of annoyance. I have plenty of coursemates who share the same sentiments.

Seriously though, I need to reconsider my priorities. Is it worth it to sacrifice for studies? Awhile ago my friend asked me to define what is success, personally. My reply?

Hah. Gotcha.

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