It's June already. :( What have I achieved? Did I actually achieve any of my resolutions I've set earlier this year? 

Let's have a quick update over the past few months shall we? January till May was packed like mad. I think I've watched less than 3 movies in the cinema within the 5 months. 6 subjects in one semester is no joke since I've only been taking a maximum of 4 subjects per semester usually. 

Uni aside, I've got lesser time to join contest. And the ones I've joined usually is.. #kalahlagi... So actually I've not win anything since last December. Anyway, I joined a photo contest by Embassy of the United States: Celebrating Women's Achievements Photo. Got honorable mention on the website (link

Cousin gave birth to lil nephew. So I'm really Aunty Ruxyn now.

Completed all Year 1 subjects, CGPA is enough to apply for Year 2 scholarship. Thank God. : ) Also got A- for design and LLS :D Super happy, since not many people got an A-. Ironically, I was hoping I got an A- for Persuasion in the Media and Media Writing because of the high carrying marks and supposedly "easy". But it turns out that I might be "overconfident" or just didn't study enough. -_-

The post on where to spend BB1M voucher hit 18000 page views, with more than 160 likes and 50 comments. That's a milestone for me, lol. 

Attended sis' convo. >_> My gosh, pix so grainy : (

Okay, besides that.. I'm pretty much lifeless. And oh, just got my Jelly bean update for my phone. Perhaps I'll blog about that soon if I have the time. Till then. Toodles.