If you haven't heard about R.AGE, it's a youth platform of Malaysia's number 1 English news daily, The Star. R.AGE used to have pull outs on every Wednesday's newspapers but last year they changed it to Fridays, no more pull outs too :'(

But anyway, I joined R.AGE's photo walk last month and went to tour around Petaling Street with another 10+ participants together with R.AGE journalists, Sharmila and Jason Lioh.

Here's some photos that I've taken that day. You would have probably seen it if you're friends with me on Facebook and you didn't block me yet :P

This picture got into the papers :P

My favourite of the lot. : )

It was a good experience yet might not be the most pleasant one. Why say so? Although we went as a group, many times we were allowed to stop and take pictures (and so we did) but I kinda forgotten we places that were as dodgy as it can get especially place like Pasar Karat between Petaling Street and Jalan Sultan. If you don't know about Pasar Karat, you can read about it here.


I've always wanted to go take pictures on the streets though, so glad I had the chance ; )