The Pursuer

Well, finally everything is coming to an end. It's the first time I've painted something with Photoshop. It's nothing artistic and the concept is straightforward and no-brainer, unlike a lot of my friends' drawing whose got abstract elements etc.

I'm so glad I've just got one more week left to this semester! And then holiday begins. Kinda. I still have BM and Moral OTL. Just let me pass with flying colours please just because I want scholarship.

I'm being moody all the time and this week I'm utterly sad due to something that had happened. Let's see if I would blog about it later... but the stress period is finally over. Somehow exams is better than assignments, really. 

Actually, what am I doing here? I'm supposed to be studying. Well, I'll do ANYTHING other than studying when it's exam week. Loooool ; )