Painting with Photoshop

The Pursuer

Well, finally everything is coming to an end. It's the first time I've painted something with Photoshop. It's nothing artistic and the concept is straightforward and no-brainer, unlike a lot of my friends' drawing whose got abstract elements etc.

I'm so glad I've just got one more week left to this semester! And then holiday begins. Kinda. I still have BM and Moral OTL. Just let me pass with flying colours please just because I want scholarship.

I'm being moody all the time and this week I'm utterly sad due to something that had happened. Let's see if I would blog about it later... but the stress period is finally over. Somehow exams is better than assignments, really. 

Actually, what am I doing here? I'm supposed to be studying. Well, I'll do ANYTHING other than studying when it's exam week. Loooool ; )