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Ever since I started driving, I think I listen to the radio more than the previous years because most of the time, I'd be driving alone or when I'm stuck in the jam, the best thing to do is sing-a-long with the songs I know and I can sing as loud as I want and I can be shameless about it. And no one can complain about how horrible I sang. Teehee.

So one of the radio announcers (or I'll just use DJ for short) I remember the most when I was little was JJ and Rudy, who were the ' Morning Crew' on I think it was when I was in standard 6 (that's 2005), Black Eyed Peas were so popular that I listen to "Don't Phunk with my Heart" being played daily at the same time in my short trip to school in the car. Jeez.

Fast forward 8 years later, it's 2013. Along the years, Rudy switched to briefly and then he moved over to before disappearing from the radio scene. Serena C also left after spending 5 years as DJ there.

There's a major DJ mash-up this year with all the DJs leaving and switching from one station to another. JJ left for, after spending 14 years with Why did JJ leave I quote him - "Well there was a group of people at hitz who thought I was too old for hitz... besides I wanted a positive change"

So, I'm superbly free now. And I went and did some research and came out with the list that shows which DJ was with which station and also doing what show in 2012 and now.

JJ – Morning Crew – Breakfast Show W T F
Jin – Hitz Live – Morning Crew
Ean – Morning Crew – Party with Ean
Ryan – Hitz Live – Morning Crew
Adam C – The Red Rush
Dilly – MIX Breakfast – MIX Blitz
JD – MIX Breakfast – MIX Top 40
Terry and Azura – The Red Fix (4-7pm) – The Red Fix (8pm-12am)
Fiqrie – The Edge on Red – Fresh 40
Mynn Lee – Red Room (Sun-Fri) – Red Room (Sun only)
Sarimah Ibrahim – Breakfast Show – MIX Breakfast
Hafiz - Pagi Rock Crew – Fly 30
Prem – Pagi Rock Crew – 1-4 with Premo on the Radio
Zher – Fly 30 – Pagi Rock Crew
Guibo – Music Revolution – Pagi Rock Crew

That's quite a list of changes there. And I didn't even include all the DJs that were in Hitz/Mix/Red/Fly and Lite FM's DJs. @@ So you can imagine how confused were radio listeners cause everyone was switching from one show to another or switched stations..

By the way, if you're interested, watch the video below by

:P I sense some rivalry going around between and here.

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