Happy New Year! It's the second day of 2013. Feeling nothing spectacular about it cause I don't have any resolutions.. Feel like making one or two to see if I can accomplish them. D:

Celebrated New Year's Eve with Hazel HF members, almost full attendance this time : )

Boys being boys. LOL

"Caviar of popcorns" 

Indeed. Garrett's popcorns. Too sweet for me : ) 

A. Cheryl and my mum busy in the kitchen.

My drink for the night. Sparkling juice! :P

Peeps playing Risk Legacy while waiting for 12am to come.

Beautiful strawberry cheesecake made by A. Sally.

About 11pm, started watching 3 Idiots. It was random, and knowing the movie was 3 hours, we still proceeded with watching the movie. 15 minutes before 12, we quickly went up to countdown. Wanted to view the "most amazing fireworks in Malaysia" but the the skyscrapers blocked the fireworks burnt at KLCC. :/ 

But we managed to watch Genting's fireworks from our spot (seriously, no joke!) and it was better than KLCC's. Cheh. Much longer, and hugeeee. And we saw KL being lit up by a dozen of fireworks at different spots simultaneously. What a sight.

At 70mm, this is what I get (cropped photo).

Better composition? Or the building in the middle is rather distracting actually :/

Continued our late night movie after taking group photos and drinking champagne, celebratory mood. : )