1) I met with Phil and Wes from Wong Fu Productions courtesy of an invitation from Nuffnang :D and took a picture wit Wes :DDDD 

2) I appeared on The Star newspaper in conjunction of International Women's Day.

3) Attended cousins' weddings. Two in the same year!

4) Finished my foundation and hopped into degree, plus got scholarship for first year :)

5) Got a Nokia Lumia 800 for 2 weeks, shipped all the way from UK to review it

7) Went to Genting with my friends and bid my good friend goodbye not too long after that x(

8) Be part of the Retro-themed Mother's Night and Hawaii-themed Father's Night for the mothers and fathers in church :)

9) Bought new equipments - Nikon D7000 (sold off my D5100), SB600, 35mm 1.8G

10) Went to Bangkok for the second time in my life

11) Went for my first photoshoot and accepted an offer that's gonna be exciting for the next year

12) Win, win, win! :P (camera, watch, perfume, tickets etc etc etc!)