The best thing is when you didn't expect anything, you'll get something.

Now, this is quite true. Last month, I won the super cool MTV headphones (link) from a slogan contest. This time, I won a Steelseries Diablo-III headset from Rafflecopter giveaway draw, organized by It was totally unexpected. And best of all, I think I got the best prize out of the loot! YAYYYY :D 

 This is a gaming headset compatible with Mac OS X and Windows. 

Clean Soundscape : 50mm drivers provide a detailed audio experience at high, low and mid tones.

For full specs, you can get it here (link)

Demon Red : The earcups and Diablo® III slashes illuminate red and can pulsate to your gameplay.

Review that I found from the SteelSeries website :

"The overall sound is very lively with loads of volume and regardless of the task we threw at the headset if performed well, including of course Diablo 3 where the soundtrack was recreated with plenty of detail, as were the in-game sound effects."

"Our fellow players also noted that voice communications were exceptionally clear with no background noise evident. Finally, as always, we love the fact our microphone can be hidden inside the left ear cup when not in use, while offering maximu, flexibility when extended."

Read more reviews here: (link)

I heard from my friends that the quality of Steelseries headphones are awesome and they specialize in producing gaming headsets, so I guess this should be good. But, I'm not a gamer and I plan to sell this off. The condition is unused (plastics all still intact), open-box when I got it from the contest organizer. Not sure how to claim warranty for now. :1 But if you are interested, price can be negotiated ^_^ Leave a comment or just email me (you can find the details under the "contact me" section up there)

Edit: Item sold!