I just came back from a short trip to Gold Coast Morib Resort with my family yesterday. So this post is going to be about my short stay at the resort. My mum bought a deal from StreetDeal about 1 to 2 months ago. RM180 for one room, inclusive of buffet dinner, buffet breakfast, and water theme park tickets for 2 people.

The room was pretty impressive. Spacious. There's a TV. Fridge provided. Hair dryer and all the basic stuff you need.

There's also a jacuzzi in the toilet. Ohoho. Unfortunately, when I berendam in the jacuzzi after I went to the water theme park, I found that the water wasn't hot for my liking. But on the contrary, my sister thought the water was hot enough. Maybe the problem lies with the room :O

View from my room :D Yep, that's part of the theme park.

The theme park was a little small but pretty good for a small place like that. They have about 4 different slides. And some other stuff around. A lot of kids were around and on most of the rides, kids around 5 would be able to play, if they were brave enough :P

Spot me. Nak jadi hero doh.

Dinner time was jam-packed. Breakfast was slightly better. 

One major thing that could be improved by the resort is - stench. There was a horrible smell of poop after dinner and the stench was really horrible. I'm guessing the smell came from the time when they were washing toilets and I saw them draining out the water from the drain. :( Yuck.

Another thing is FLIES. Loads and loads of flies around! I know when we are close to nature, there will be a lot of insects and flies around. But it's very very annoying that I cannot eat peacefully during dinner and breakfast :( Management should make some effort to get rid of the flies because I can see there's no effort in resolving this issue at all D:

Overall, it was a good time to chill out. If you're looking to spend time with your family (especially kids), this is a good place. You can also relax at the beach if you want, it's just outside after the water theme park, near the dinner area. 

Hurhur, finally a vacation. But a little too short. Next, can't wait to catch a flight to a place where I have been 4 years ago. 

On another note, July is coming to an end! So fast! :(