Can you believe it? The last time I went to Saisaki was about 3 years ago during Ruh's birthday (link). So finally, my family visited Saisaki again this time as my birthday dinner. I got to eat free, you see :P

Nothing's really changed there. In fact, we were seated the very same place that we sat 3 years ago. In the building, the path leading towards Saisaki was still deserted, like 3 years ago but inside Saisaki, everyone was alive. In fact, I think Saisaki was the only store that was still open at 7pm and later.

I'll let your imagination run with food pictures :)

I must say, the sushi were impressive. Quite a number of variety. They even have smoked salmon sushi, which was really good. I wished they serve smoked salmon sashimi though. They also have a lot of other kinds of sushis that I have never seen before. Improvised-kind of sushis. It kinda taste weird though, even from the looks of it. So.. I passed.

Tempuras were awesome awesome. Need I say more? They also had escargots and even soft shell crabs. Saisaki serves a great variety of food. They had other stuffs like some ducks, fish and Western food or even local food, not just limited to Japanese food.

The only thing that surprised me that night was that there wasn't a queue for ice cream. In fact, I noticed not many people went for ice cream. Really? No queues for ice cream in a buffet? Now, that's new. Maybe because the ice creams Saisaki serves is not Haagen Dazs but believe me, it was good. They had a good variety of chocolate, yam, green tea, chocolate mint, strawberry and vanilla. And it was good. Especially green tea. It's hard to find good ones.

Ice creams were good but the cakes were just like... meh. Didn't take any.

Overall, it was a good trip :)