BIGBANG is probably the most prominent Korean boy band at the moment. I've always thought it would be Super Junior or 2PM but looks like it's not. No doubt, Kpop is the current popular culture and being popular culture, sure there are a lot of followers, especially in Asian countries. But the Koreans are determined to break through the Hollywood market and you can see how BIGBANG slowly move into Hollywood with their involvement in MTV. Okay, I'm not the expert of the topic, obviously. If it's anyone to talk about Kpop the last would be me. XD But, I think there were an exam on Kpop I'm sure that my sisters would get an A+. Geez.

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Anyhow, I've heard and saw a few videos on Kpop performances and my goodness, they are all so kua jiong. Yet, so entertaining at the same time. I mean at the moment where you have nothing to do, they are entertaining. But still doesn't interest me. I heard BIGBANG is coming to Kuala Lumpur this time around and I don't mind going IF I had free tickets, ya know? :P I mean just to get an experience before/if the pop culture goes away.. (like Jpop).

So I saw from Facebook that Running Into The Sun, the concert organizers are having a ticket launch. Details as follow:

Venue: Fahrenheit88
Date: 28th July 2012
Time: 10:30am to 6:00pm

12,000 tickets would be for sale for the concert. VIP tickets would be sold for RM688. 300 Priority Premiere Rock Pit - RM 588 (Enter rock pit earlier than the rest, no pressure to queue for best view).

So, anyone gonna be crazy and queue for the ticket launch? :x

If you need more info about seating plans and ticket pricing, go (here)