Courtesy of Nuffnang, I had the privilege to meet Wong Fu Productions (Wes and Phil, Ted didn't come to Malaysia due to some personal reasons) yesterday at Full House, Sunway Giza :DD Wait, you don't know what/who is Wong Fu Productions?! Google is your best friend :)

Okay, so I said I'm going to have lunch with them, it's actually hi-tea. So, just ignore the wrong usage of word there. Hi-tea, not lunch XD. ANYWAY. Nuffnang picked 15 Nuffangers to have hi-tea with them but unfortunately, the session was just not us and them alone. :3 I didn't count but I'm guessing that were more than 40 other fans there yesterday, who got their invites from lucky draw and whatnot :) But nonetheless, it was still very cozy, I feel. I mean considering the close proximity of us with Wong Fu.

So, I reached Fullhouse at 2.30pm, but wasn't allowed to go in yet so waited..waited.. and waited more. Until about 3.30-ish when I got in and finally got seated. Shortly after that, Wong Fu arrived. But that's after when Jin from walked up first. Heh.

Spot Jin! See, everyone got their cameras ready and so excited for Wong Fu's arrival. Before they came, organizer told us not to flash them and treat them as friends like how they wanted to treat us as friends and also, one of them were unwell.. I'm guessing it's Phil :(

So yah, they cameeeee at last!! Shook hands and they walked towards my table. Shook hands with the peeps from my table, but not with me cause I was sitting at far end, in fact the edge of the table :(

Sitted down, they chit chatted with the people from my table. I was kinda feeling like I was having a starstruck moment. They were like soooo close to me. Hahaha. Even though I'm not their biggest fan (like I said in my previous post), but I really think that to have fans all over the world admiring the work, they must be really something. :D 

And then, someone start to get the ball rolling. The not-official autographing session started with my table., and I think only my table. People were smiling and grinning while asking the boys to sign whatever that they brought for them to sign on XD. Phil was signing the cap (which is also Wong Fu's merchandise). 

Not a very sharp photo :( That's Phil's hand holding the marker. He was autographing a guy's camera. Hardcore? Hahaha. This is the first time I saw someone asking for autograph on the camera, something new indeed. 

Wes signing on a DSLR.

Wrong focus! :( But this was Wes and Phil taking a look at a fan's work for them :)

Remember it was a hi-tea? But many people didn't bother eating because most of us were just looking at them most of the time, and stalking them XD. I didn't eat also coz I wasn't really feeling hungry. This picture was taken when a friend took food beside me hahaha :)

After they finished going from table to table and talking to the rest, autographing and what not, Phil kinda "disappeared" and if I did not mistaken, I think he went to have his lunch. Wes was still lingering around (or maybe he was stopped by all his fans that was swarming in XD) and many people began to crowd around Wes asking for signature. 

Wes was really kind, he signed whatever people asked him to, but there was very very limited time so one person can only as for signature on one thing :( Oh look, spot Phil in the background.

So right after that, there was a queue formed. To take a one-to-one picture with Wes! Like I said, Phil "disappeared" :( And due to limited time, one person only allowed one shot with Wes. Nuuu. Yah, limited time :( 

So after the photography session was done, they were leaving already coz they gotta rush to somewhere else, which later I found out - they went for a ride and went ABOVE our KLCC. Ahem. Hahaha. So everyone sang, "It's the end of the week. A Wong Fu Week. It's Wong Fu Weekends!", as the Wong Fu boys bid goodbyeeee. 

It was about 4.45-ish that time. Then after a few minutes, I also left cause my mum, sister and friends were waiting outside, didn't want them to wait much longer. Hahah. But many people were still at Fullhouse though when I left, so I don't know if I missed anything.

Beatboxer, Shawn Lee was there too. And signing autograph haha.

Anyway, it was a really good opportunity to be able to linger around with the Wong Fu boys yesterday. I think Wes really look very much better in person! I'm guessing Phil wasn't feeling too well thus no photography session with him perhaps? Again, want to thank Nuffnang soooo much for the opportunity to meet the Wong Fu boys!!

And guess what? :DD

Yes, I was one of the people that lined up to take a photo with Wes!! :DDD

And got both Phil and Wes' autographs too.

Imma happy girl :]