I think now I can understand a little bit more why there is an idiom that goes - time is gold. Surely time is gold, sometimes too precious - because I find myself struggling to find time that I once wasted lavishly. Time is actually a kind of luxury that we tend to lose. And we lose them even much more as we grow older, isn't it?

But just take a look at kids nowadays, do they hardly have time to think? Or even just "waste time away"? No, just see the amount of tuition they attend, and the number of "brain-development" classes. My gosh, I've even seen an advert for giving "brain-stimulation" to a THREE-MONTH-OLD. Three-month-old, for heaven's sake! Sorry, is your child suffering from a serious kind of brain damage that your child needs such stimulation?! I don't think Gen X has gone through all these kinda programmes to enhance their brain or whatsoever, and I don't see how Gen X are not doing well in life. Please, please, don't overdo it, parents. You don't know what you are putting your kids into. Give them some space, to breathe! My gosh, I see children being more and more kiasu or even, kiasi now. Takut kalah, takut mati. At this rate, it's rather worrying. And who are the ones that shaped them into such a character? Think.

I shouldn't be here, but my brain is full of rubbish and I need to get them out before I sit for another exam tomorrow and work on assignments. This semester is rather tough, with an average of 2 assignments and 1 presentation for each subject and it's taking a toll on me. For the first time, I felt like I could not cope with my studies. :( It sucks. It sucks when I don't have any idea how to do something and there's no one I can ask! :( 

At times like these, I just wanna go into a place, forget everything, and just - enjoy! This calls for vacation. How nice, to travel around the world and see new things? Yep, it's one of the things I'd like to do. That's what everyone would like to do I guess :P

There is so much I want to do (I always say this don't I? :P) and that includes blogging. Out of the blue, I will have this idea of wanting to write a blog post (and I would think it will be darn interesting HEHE, perasan lebih), but then it will be delayed, delayed, and delayed till I forget about it, or that it will stay as a draft for like months before I finally complete it. -_-'

There are many times when bloggers blog for the sake of blogging. I can tell why... to keep their blog stats up of course! :P But there are not many readers anyway here, so I'm not obliged.. So, let's just see if I can find some time, and blog some stuff that I hope you would find interesting. :)

P/S: I'm starting to think that I've been using too many commas unnecessary for quite a while now. Cis.