2PM Autographed Album - Hands Up (for Sale!)

Edit: Item sold!

Last December, I entered a contest organized by Everyone Connects (EC) Malaysia on Facebook.. the contest prize was really yumz - an autographed album by 2PM. I just joined for fun without much hopes. Contest mechanics was really simple . Answer a few questions that was easy like name all the members of the group and what is our dream, something like that. 

I asked Hoong Fong to join along too. And guess what? We both won! :D I'm sure we all know how crazy Kpop fans are.. and a Facebook page with 193k fans, I think it's pretty amazing how I managed to be part of the lucky 30 people selected to own one :P 

Which is who's signature?

Top middle is  taecyeon
Bottom middle is chansung
Top left is wooyoung
Bottom left star is junsu
Top right is junho
Bottom right is nichkhun 

Now,I admit that I am really not the biggest fan of 2PM here. So, I'm letting this up for sale to a person who really appreciates it more than I do :) So ,Hottest, email me! Look at my sidebar on the right and find my email :) If not, just leave a comment here and how I could contact you. Alternatively, you can just leave a message on the chatbox at my sidebar and your email there. Thankss :D


  1. omg could i have it please? :D

    I really love 2PM but i never got a chance to get their autograph ):

    Hope no one has claimed it yet! >_<
    My email: gigi.chw@hotmail.co.uk

  2. not sure whether you still have it or not, if you still have it, can I have more details about it?
    My email: natefilan@gmail.com

    Thanks ^^

  3. Gosh..! I want it so badly >.< Too bad i didn know about EC till i saw u blog about it...damn =(

  4. So I guess this is gone already, or..? If not, contact me! ^^ Mahami94@hotmail.com

  5. hi guys, thanks so much for your interest! i've emailed some of you before this but some of you didn't reply my mail. nevertheless, i have found a buyer already. thanks again for your interest! :)