This post is inspired after a class in CTS (Critical Thinking Skills).

Taxi drivers are supposed to be people in the service line, bringing people from one place to another. It's a profession. But no, generally, Malaysian taxi drivers know nothing about this word: service.

Here are the top 6 reasons why Malaysian taxi drivers are disliked or even hated.


If I'm not mistaken taxi drivers are supposed to wear their uniforms, in which the taxi drivers look so messy because it's not tucked in, and it is creased, plus their hair looks as if it's not combed: bad impression.


They jam up the roads! Thanks for lining up at the roads your bapak own. And, causing more congestion. Thanks, man, really, thanks.

#4 - Dirty taxis

Dirty taxis, messy taxis, and the worst, smelly taxis. Smelly because the whole taxi actually smells like I'm like an ashtray. -_-' Just overall, bad maintenance of the taxi.

#3 - "Sorry cik/encik, I dunu where"

They don't know where you want to head to. Ironically, it is actually their job, their profession, and therefore they should know. But nope, they don't. And most of the time they will even ask you to show the way. It's like the chef in a restaurant asking you to show him/her how to cook. 

#2 - "Sorry, jam lah!"

You need to tell them your location and ask them first before you sit in their taxi. They can refuse their service because it's inconvenient for them, due to the jam. The heck? Seriously, uncle?!

#1 - "RM30. Takde meter sini"

How many times were you ticked off and ripped off by taxi drivers who refused to use the meter? Ridiculously and ironically, yet again, although there's a big sign on their taxi saying "NO BARGAIN" and "taxi bermeter", they actually set a price already for your trip, regardless of place. -_-''

There are more reasons. Driving recklessly, what? I personally dislike taxi drivers because of my own experience on the road. They really do a lot of "funny" stuff that can really drive people up the wall you see.

Of course, this does not apply to ALL. I'm speaking of a general case. I do know of a few taxi drivers that are actually good taxi drivers.