Sometimes, we get so used to something because we do it so often that is gets so familiar. But does familiarity breeds contempt? I know how things can go very routine-ish and you get bored because as humans, don't we just like a change? A holiday escapade is always nice because there's a change in environment. But coming back to my question, does familiarity really breeds contempt?

I think not. I think I've played so many times of pictionary and charades over the past few years with the same group of people on the same occassions - usually retreats. And at some point of time, we even can guess the answer even before the person starts drawing/acting. It was until that extent where we became sooo familiar with the game.

But, it was still fun :D I guess it's not about the subject in the things we do, it's our attitude. In my time of playing pictionary and charades, it was pure joy and fun with close friends though throughout the time of the game, we may have some frustrations over some friend who are not really good at acting/drawing/guessing :P

Our attitude always determines on how we respond to things because attitudes is the indicator for expectations. Different expectations, different attitudes. Different attitude, different results. Even with people, how can people date since their teens or 20s and get married and spend the rest of their life together? Won't they get bored? Familiarity breeds contempt? I guess they have set their expectations from the very beginning, to grow old together with that one person in their life that they have committed to, at the altar.

Overquoting Albert Eistein now, we all believe in - "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"