Way overdue that I even forgot when I made this visit. Groupon had a few good deals with Manhattan Fish Market back to back, a few months ago. This is one of the few deals my mum bought :D Totally worth it.

Can be used in all outlets nationwide except one or two, I forgot you see :P But anyhows we went to the Mid Valley outlet for dinner and voila when we were there, there was a queue already. And, of course, everyone was holding a piece of paper *Groupon vouchers*

But it was okay, didn't need to wait for a few hours or anything :S But I must say, their service is rather slow :( And this always happens.

Not my first time eating Manhattan Fish Market, not a luxurious food or anything also :P But food at discounted price is what everyone loves isn't it? 

I really didn't notice that Manhattan Fish Market had so many decos on their wall until I started snapping pictures around. :P I was still testing out my camera you see. Ohoho. One of the first thousand pictures that  I took perhaps? To date, I've taken up to about three thousand pictures LOL :P Wokie time to salivate!

Well, food is never disappointing. Still up to standard. Everything was fried though, so get some sky juice peepos. :P It's free hehe, and healthy. And notice one small brocolli in the middle? HAHAHA. One thing they could improve, at least for this outlet is that their should be quicker in their service. And give more mayonnaise! I almost died waiting for them to get me the mayo :/ 

UPDATES SOON. Everyday, I hope :DD