Consumers are raging because of what happened yesterday. A small mistake by KFC Malaysia has caused them to face another backlash, yet again. The first was when a video of a KFC staff playing in the kitchen went viral over the internet (I think you could google it up if you wanna watch it). Consumers were all raging because the act was really inappropriate and disgusting :/

If you haven't known it yet, yesterday KFC released a KFC voucher that allows consumers to claim a free double Zinger burger set with any purchase and it is valid up to a certain date - January 15th 2012. At first, I was thinking, wah, how generous of KFC! Many friends and people went to "test water" to see if the voucher was valid, and it turned out to be true. However, confusion among the outlets had allowed many people to claim the set for FREE without any purchase at all. Some bought just their drinks and got their double Zinger burger set. Awesome deal, no?

But the problem came when KFC realized their mistake (too awesome a deal and they are not making profit I supposed?) and several hours later, they removed the voucher and said that it was "out of stock". So, this left consumers raging. Some were angry cause they say "tipu la, cakap no stock but still selling" :/ Others were plain angry cuz they missed out on this awesome deal XD. Saja tamak.

My take on this issue is, that KFC never seems to learn. I wanna say padan muka to them but I also feel sorry. I've always been a fan of KFC since young, I love their product but how their management work is really perplexing. If you go to their KFC page now, you'll see great sarcasm from their side when replying to comments - who's managing their social media?!

KFC really should sort out their management problems and then improve their marketing. They have breakfast menu but KFC only opens at 11am in certain outlets -_-' They have lunch sets but raised the normal price. The snack plate was hiked up to RM11.90 from RM7.90. They say the SNAX card is discontinued yet some outlets still accept them, and there's no clear clarification from their side. I can go on complaining about their service you know. Perhaps they should just suck it up, and say that they just wanna discontinue the voucher, after all, it's all their right to do so; instead of saying "out of stock", "didn't expect such overwhelming responses". They should just say they made a mistake -_- because obviously, they did. Mana got such a good deal one?!

Also, past bad experiences with workers in KFC left me raging too :P and when it comes to complaints, they never bothered my emails either! And I've sent 3 emails to them -.-'' So never mind, forget it. Not that I boycott them, but I really hope they improve their management -_-'

I leave you with this very funny picture :D

Click for better view :P