Blogpost inspired by @terasake ! :D Based on #kenangandarjah1 hashtag on twitter :P

This is quite fun, and very true for me, so here goes the blog post :D Mixture of BM and English since it's very applicable ohohoho. Enjoy!

Innocent face. Maybe pin up the hair, but super nerdish look. Muka darjah 1 confirm :P

First day of school, happily show off bag. After 2 months, this is the face of the students ^^

Main tiang-tiang. Trolololol. Recess time favourite. Book a tiang for yourself. One person in the middle. Exchange tiang and don't let the person in the middle book a tiang :P XDD!!

Go toilet, must be in pairs. Guys or girls, sama je :D

Spelling mistake? Do correction! Repeat 5 times :D Get star if you write nice nice ^^
Tu lah, buat pembetulan baik-baik, kan bagus dapat bintang ? :)

Cikgu kata SENYAPPPP mesti letak jari kat bibir. EHEHE.

After school, rush out to the bus stop and buy unlimited junk food from makcik or pakcik! First to buy super geng chao, you don't play play. 

Ohoho, what's your #kenangandarjah1 or primary school memories? :D Leave a comment here or at the chatbox :)

Part 2 coming soon, I hope :P

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