Yesh! Makan post again. I just love to share food pictures, make you all jealous and hungry. Muahahaha. Yes, finally, my external harddisk cooperated with the laptop for AWHILE, sempat aku upload pictures before it beeped again :( I'm praying hard it will get well argh.

Anyhows, this was my first time at Tony Roma's. I've never eaten Tony Roma's in my life before. Yes, I'm sad :P Fortunately, Groupon had about 2-3 deals (I think) previously, so my family got the chance to try :D We just love discounts. Good food at cheap price! I LOVE.

Oh ya, reason why we went to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng's outlet is because the deal was only available here or Mont Kiara, which was obviously further away from where I stay.

So anyway, the place was not crowded, we saw many families coming in holding a piece of paper, assuming of course it's the groupon voucher. Hehehe. Place was nice, sleepy lightings as usual but good ambiance.

 Mum actually bought two deals, ohoho. So there's more options on what we can eat. So in the end, we had one of each type. Pictures coming up! Prepare to salivate. Oh, see Ruh's bored face there? Ngehehee.

Food came with soup too :D I forgot what soup is this T_T but it's nice :D

POTATO SOUP. I told you I love anything with potatoes didn't I? Needless to say, I love it ^_^

Complimentary bread with garlic. Alamak, the garlic not strong enough. :P But the bread's warm, so it's nice. Unlike a lot of other restaurants that serves cold bread -_-' Oh btw, look at the muka bajet. 

This, is Bountiful Beef Ribs - Roma Rack. This is good. This is awesome. This is marvelous. This is enchanting. Okay, I really can't find the suitable adjective to describe it but it is THAT good. I think this is my first time, or my first few times having ribs. With BBQ sauce or honey, I think this has become my favourite food now. Thinking of it also makes me salivate :( Oh, this deal was originally RM 77.50 but mum got it for RM 38 from Groupon. OHOHO. 

Mojo Chicken. Original price was RM 58.90, deal was for RM 25.20. Good deal good deal, cause the portion was big, and there was rice. Make you super full. This was good also. :D Tender chicken, enough marination, and oh! Broccolis, are my favourite :D

Grilled Salmon. The value for this is the same with Mojo Chicken, same deal. I love salmon to the max, but after it's grilled and no longer raw, somehow I don't really fancy it as much as when it is still raw. Ohoho. With rice also! Eek. Make you super full again. 

Beef Short Ribs. Same deal with the Bountiful Beef Ribs as it is as good! Already with gravy. Yum Yum Yum. But still, the winner for all the dish would be the bountiful beef ribs ^_^ 

My sister say actually there's four choices of their famous sauce but for our table, we got 1 honey, 1 BBQ and 2 red hot chilli sauce. :3 But it was enough to satisfy us because the honey and BBQ was really good. 

One thing that Tony Roma's could improve is that, the cloth stinked ._. LOL. It had some kind of smell, which I cannot explain but it was unpleasant. And please, don't mistake me as going around sniffing people's cloth ok. It's because it was used to wipe our mouth. :P

Finally, drink a lot a lot of water, because it's free :P And it's good for health.

Salivating already? Apparently, this outlet is better than the one in Mid Valley. So,

Go nom nom at:

No. 33, Lot 5, Ground Floor, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Kuala Lumpur, 50450

P. 603-2161-0200