Every year, I will wait for this time of the year where the puasa month is here and I will visit the same old bazaar Ramadhan in Bandar Tun Razak near the LRT station. It's not a very long and packed one but good enough to get the food that I like :P

So, it's an annual practice for my family to go and get our favourites and this time I went with my new toy! Practically just having some test shots :( It sucks. I took a few pictures with flash and some pictures was out of focus :/ Sorry la, still trying. Give me some time to be better =p

Oh ya, I decided not to watermark my pictures anymore because I'm practically duplicating them and it's eating up space :( So, hopefully no one takes any pictures for harmful uses. *perasan

While most of the stores have customers, this mak cik here doesn't. Feel a bit sad for her :/ But I didn't help to contribute to her business also. O: Sorry mak cik!

Yikez, picked the wrong mode. 

Okayyy. No more random pictures from the bazaar Ramadhan. Meh. Not really satisfied with the shots. Somehow, after viewing them on the computer, the pictures seem to lack...sharpness somehow? O_O And also the colours are not really appealing. Mmppfffttt.. Gotta work on this more.

Last one XD. Random picture. I think the flash was on. -____________-'' Argh. You probably would have known what are some of the favourites that we always buy.. just bear with me. Food time!

Ayam percik. Basically, this is like the ayam being satayed. LOL. I don't know how to say it. But that's the idea. Ini peha, tau? It's a must have at least twice for our few visits to the bazaar. The sauce's good too. We always buy from the same store. Nom nom nom.

Roti jala! Please eat this with curry. This year, the uncle whom we buy from regularly is missing :( Don't know why but he's not found to be selling roti jala. We tried another store, and the other only store that sells roti jala but it wasn't very nice. So, no no. Pak cik, come backkkkkkkkk.

Roti john! It's practically egg with meat with berlambak sauce. This is nice, though judging from the picture it looks like a plain boring bread with nothing -.-'' There are like about 4 stores selling roti john (tried all of them) but only this one that appeals to me. No chilli sauce just mayo. Went back twice, wanting to buy from that uncle but he...went and sell coconut and drinks instead T_T Naper, pak cik, naper?? Saya suka roti john tu :(

Roti with kebab with BBQ sauce. Ate this twice for this bulan puasa. I don't mind breads, thus... Not very very very suka jer, boleh tahan. 

CEMPEDAK. CEMPEDAK GORENG. I tell you, one of the best things this year available in the bazaar. XD. Previously, I don't remember any store selling cempedak. This is just great! :D Been craving to eat cempedak for months. One thing about cempedak is, when the Malays sell them, it's cheaper and somehow tend to be nicer and sweeter. When Chinese sells them, it's super expensive -_- and you don't wanna buy either and rather goreng yourself. XD Sedap seh! Went and buy cempedak goreng everytime we went to the bazaar. Hohoho.

Okay, no more food picture...which means I'm missing one of the best things also..........TEPUNG PELITA. NUUUUUUUUUUUU. I forgot to take picture :( And oh, this is like the last week to feast on all of these stuffs before waiting another year, AGAIN. Sad... Well, hope to go somewhere this week. But I'm having flu and sorethroat. Meh. Gotta cut on all these heaty food. Pfft.