Went to The Ship at Pertama Complex with my family during the last Father's Day for dinner. 

Ruh and mum


Me, yes I realize I'm very round -.-' don't mention :3

Escargot! Nom nom nom. Sedap, not very cheesy until you feel like puking. (:

My sirloin steak :D sizzling hot when it came out. I rikes. I ordered medium and it was good. Nom nom. I love beef :x


Garlic steak. Nice jugak. Not too garlic-ish, so it won't make you go drinking water after every 2 minutes. 

Chicken Maryland. Not a fan of chicken maryland so...no comment xD

Ruh ate black pepper steak but no pictures cause it's blurry. -.-''

Well, nothing much to say about The Ship XD. The ambiance is alright. I love the setting but I dislike low lightings. Food is obviously good. Price is okay.. 

Anyway, it's been a very long time since I have last been there. So, good time.