I got the chance to watch Magical Musical with my family and friends on last Monday much thanks to allMalaysia.info for all the free tickets that I won from them :DD Earlier before this, I actually got a pair of tickets to watch the musical but I didn't make it for the musical because I had to go for (the crappy) college leadership camp on the screening date, so instead gave the tikets to my sister. The tickets was non-transferable but, I figured a way. Heh.

The verdict was, my sister said it was very very nice and thanked me for the tickets. (My sister thanking me? WOW. XD) So, I'm rather convinced by my sister's sikap cerewet, and concluded that the musical should be nice and I HAD TO win some tickets. Eventually, I won 4 pairs xD! So yeah, awesomeness, thank God for favour (:

Traffic to Sunway was rather good actually, no very massive traffic jam in particular. This time, the Sunway entrance was rather quiet. No booth set ups or what not. Just saw a gang of people lepaking outside there.

The route to the amphitheatre was rather a long journey, but I got a nice overview of the whole Sunway Lagoon area! Betcha didn't have that overview before? :P

We reached kinda on time, and the show started off. There wasn't much people around maybe less than hundred of us I assume? Anyway, our seats was supposed to be the one worth RM200 but instead all of us moved nearer and got the VIP seats. Hehehe. Just sharing some pictures for some stories later. Hehe.

For this song, I forgot what, it's about finding a hero if I didn't mistaken. Haha, the backup dancers were really funny. Those guys were like doing moves to show off their abs and body. Totally made me LOL. xD

Disco ball moment :3

Judging by the outfit, you'll probably could have guessed that they sang to Jai-Ho for this performance. Hehe, it was one of the most memorable and energetic performance of the night for me. :D They had some guys around them drinking kerosene (?), and blowing fire out of their throat xD. I don't know how to say it, well you get me don't you?

"Band members" for the Jai-Ho song. Added extra oommph. They were really happy and energetic people :) Love their energy and attitude. After this, had a break time x)

One of my favourite shots for the night :3

My favourite picture for the night :D

Taadaaa! Finish! Actually, there's more to take but because they didn't really allow photography one of the people there stopped me after I took this picture ._. So yeah, I stopped taking any photos after that.

So, the musical was good actually but something happened that night O: One of the main singers injured her head from the first or second song, and was bleeding so she was not performing anymore for the night. The musical went out, but without any storyline (originally, there was a storyline like a romantic story between 3 couples).

Yea, so we missed the story :( And because she was also solo-ing some songs, they cut her part. So yeah, it's kinda sad though we sort of didn't really get to watch the actual thing which is the drama plus the singings and dances. The show just went on with singings and singings no drama. Aww, really wished I could catch the drama. Anyway, still enjoyed it. Hope the others who went and watch also enjoyed themselves to the fullest (: