End of Sem 1

Yay! Today marks the day I finish my first semester in college. Officially finished finals today :P Time flies isn't it? I know I haven't really blogged much about college life although I have started since the last week of March. Gosh, it's end of July already!

College has been pretty much the same to me, I don't feel anything exciting in particular but happy things are done very different as compared in school. More commitment, less reliant thus more independent. Also, having "breaks" in between of classes. And most of all, two-way form of interaction from most classes. I must say, I enjoy lectures though I feel like going to sleep mode sometimes. :/ And I thank God for good lecturers :D

These are people I first met in my first two weeks in college. First batch of people I know in college. Most of us are not in the same class for the semester. So just remain hi-bye friends :/ It's somehow interesting though. We only know each other for one week, the next week we've like celebrations for each other cause three of them were April babies. That's pretty much what I have to do with them.

The most fun I had was with my English class classmates :D All very fun and sporting people :) Especially during the oral week, where we have to do a demonstrative presentation, most of them did food/drink preparation. And I as a spectator got the benefit of "food-tasting". We had brownies, sushis, lemonade, mocktail, pancakes and more during the whole week. Awesome time XD We also had a live Kpop dance lol. Entertaining. We took the group picture during the photoshoot week. Our theme was black and red. Obviously -.-

This is us trying out the creative lighting. My brilliant idea. Cough. I love English class :D

College was fun and somehow very stress(hectic) because everything is happening at the same time. I had 3 presentations back-to-back and finals immediately after that. O: Thus, the lack of updates XD. I had my share of unhappiness when my groupmate didn't do his share of work for assignment. Ruxyn being Ruxyn obviously got very, very,  very upset. But I still put his name for the assignment. O: Learn to give grace.. Anyhow, he got the product marks, although he gave zero contribution -.-' Honestly, he should thank me. I don't know what on earth does all these people want to do in college if they can't do simple work and work in groups. LOL. Just saying. :P

Friends part. I'm still myself. I'm very low profile *cheh wah*. Not many friends but I have some that I can go to during the times I need help/overly blur. Yeah, of course, I can't find people to kacau: like Tse Ling or whack: like Sarah, or argue: with Melissa, insult: like Belinda. LOL. I miss them O:

Well, finals is over. Gonna enjoy the holidays. Not really anticipating the new semester for now. Lol. I'm not having any post-exam anxiety either, not like usual. I think I did well and did my best, so I'm hoping for a HD for Maths and maybe Ds if possible for the other subjects.

And I'll update again tomorrow.  :)

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