Note : You may need a pirate dictionary for this post :P

Ahoy!! Greetin' I brin' t' you, I be Captain Ruxyn. Captain Jack Sparrow be hit t' big screens in on May 19th, and I be proud t' be a pirate for t' time bein'. So let me share with you, best three thin's o' bein' a pirate is ...

1) Partyin' be normal thin'

it be okay t' poker everyday

it be okay t' drink everyday 

and it's a nice settin' t' party everyday

me be happy everyday

2) Full o' treaayes, food and has a mighty ship t' own, plus much explorin' (translation: full of treasures, food and a have a mighty ship to own, plus much exploring)

best ship you've seen, aye? 

and all t' treaayes be mine shared with me crew

me can enjoy t' best food everyday

me can explorin' many places and find more treaayes

me use many weapon's so macho and cool

3) Life be good with buckos and beautys, t' crew be good (translation : Life is good with friends and partners, the crew is good)

groomin' be important as a pirate, face paintin' services be provided

do stupid and funny thin's together

play games together

And together, a happy family be formed : I love me crew 

And me gonna meet up with Cap'n Jack Sparrow soon, hopefully at Mid Valley on May 16th. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

me arr' waitin' to see him, pretty please Nuffnang :)